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Friday, 7 October 2011

Populating Mayhem City 09 - The Flamer (Foundry Street Thugs)

Hi everyone, another quick update here with the latest citizen of Mayhem.  It's the Flamer from Foundry.

This guy has his face concealed with a bandanna and is prepared to light a Molotov cocktail.  He has quite a long mass of hair that I painted with greying streaks.  I like to think of this guy as a bit of a mentally unstable drunk problem causer.  He's great for riots, and I'd even allow him to pass for unarmed in ATZ.  He could probably even fit in as an addition to a biker gang.

I'm from Canada, and it seems just about everyone owns a neon orange toque, so I decided to provide Flamer with one.  They're great for being seen in the woods, so maybe this guy is a bit of a hermit on the outskirts of town.  

Not a lot else to say about this figure.  He's a typically well sculpted figure from Foundry, but I'm not sure he's the most useful.  I'm not sure how often ATZ will call for someone who is unarmed except for grenades, which is virtually what this guy is.  That's part of the reason I'm okay with using him as an unarmed civ as well.

That also rounds out my entire pack of Street Thugs at this point.  It was a good set, and I'm glad to have it. I'd recommend it for anyone playing ATZ, or even any other modern era table top gang.
The whole gang.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to have more updates next week.


  1. Good mini, very good paintwork, they're a good band of ruffians.

  2. Nice pack and a nice paintjob mate I really must get some at some point

  3. Nice figure and very well painted. Thanks for the group shot of all five together. I like this set as not everyone your survivors are going to meet will be armed to the teeth.

  4. A very nice painted set of figures!


  5. Nice job on those figures!I too like to see figures that aren't completely armed to the teeth with the latest firepower.

  6. Nice gang! :D

    Agree with ConfusedDad, not all dude are so heave armed! :D

  7. Nice figure, and, as I found in my games, molotovs are one of the best anti-zombie weapons.

    I am REALLY surprised no one asked for some in the PBB game.

  8. Like this one, I've been looking for a mini with a molotov, might have to pick this one up.