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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Infecting Mayhem City 11 (Victory Force Zombies)

Just a quick update to keep on the 'one a week' pace.   After a couple of fun weeks with Grekwood miniatures, I am back to trudging through my 50 Victory Force zombies.  The good news is, I am almost done with them, and all remaining VF zombies have at least been started in one way or another.   Here are another 6.  I believe there are a couple, maybe even three scuplts in here that are duplicates.  That is okay, I don't think most would be noticed on the game table, except of course, for the peg legged zombie.   One of those would have been enough!

The pictures aren't the best, I rushed a little big to get this out.   The far right zombie for some reason has a filthy green hair.  His hair is long, so I picture him having been some sort of old rocker, still clinging to his grungy hit days, nearly 20 years ago.  He is a zombie now.  Next to him is an older zombie with a serious belly wound along with a torn knee.  A pale colour palette on him came out nice, I think.   Next up, the only female of the group was at some sort of formal gathering when the Zed Apocalypse caught her off guard.  The next fellow, like the female before him, is missing an arm.  (I'm pretty sure he is a duplicate.)  Then comes the pegleg zombie, who while being very original, is not a scuplt I really like.  Do people even get peg legs in current times?   Then the final zombie is a young lad, with his hair dyed green.  Much younger than the old rocker on the other end, I picture him as a late teen, filled with angst and loving his pop rock music.  I believe this is the third of this sculpt that I received in my 50 zombies bundle.

Not a bad set, as I said.  I really liked the female zombie, but the one with the gut wound is pretty good too. The sculpt I received triples of is pretty good, so I'm not too upset about having so many of him.
There is also a not so subtle hint in these pictures to what has been taking up more of my time lately, rather than painting zombies.


Currently, the police force for my city stands at a SWAT team: and a Detective (going all the way back to my first two miniature posts in August 2011.)

I have a bit of a question about what else I should pick up.  My initial response is the Copplestone police (both pistol and shotgun packs).  They are nicely sculpted, and scale wise should fit in with my mostly heroic 28mm.  They also have the benefit of being armed with a visible melee weapon.  The disadvantage would be that I am not sold on their slightly outdated style of uniform.  Perhaps it is not outdated, as the weapons seem modern, but to me, it looks like a pulp era style of uniform.

Another similarly sculpted, but with perhaps more authentic looking uniforms are the Foundry version (this time I'm showing only the shotgun armed ones).  My dislike with this set is how non of them are actually aiming their guns.  This is a common feature with a lot of Foundry sets.

The final set that I am considering is from Tactical Miniatures and is labelled Big City PD.  At first, I disregarded the set due to lack of police hats.  But I've warmed up to it alot as despite the hat being part of most cities police force uniform, it is the most commonly removed part, and definitely would be the first thing to go in any high stress situation.  An additional bonus to picking up this set would be that I would get two pistol armed cops and two shotgun armed cops in the same set.  Saving me from having to buy both sets if I chose to go with Foundry or Copplestone.   A disadvantage would be that I think these guys are true 28mm and will look a little small compared to most of my other heroes.

For the longest time I had been mostly leaning towards Copplestone, despite my minor issues with the uniform.  But lately, I think Tactical Miniatures will be the set to go with.   Another factor would be how often do I need 4 or more cops armed with handguns or shotguns at a time?  I may be able to save by getting just the one Tactical Miniatures set.
Does anyone have any advice or opinions on which set to go with?  Thanks all.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Infecting Mayhem City 10 (Grekwood Miniatures Zombie Patients)

Back again and keeping with both the hospital theme, and the Grekwood Miniatures updates.  The zombie patients complete my order from Grekwood, but there were also 2 other zombie sets I didn't pick up at this point.  Again, check out Grekwood Miniatures if you like these sculpts.

First up we have a female patient that was in for a simple broken or sprained arm.  Unfortunately for her, there was an infected patient in the same hospital.  Things don't end on a happy note.   Her most significant wound is her arm, but that came before the infection.  She has a few other minor scrapes, but nothing too bad.   I painted her up as though she fed recently; lots of good targets in the hospital with her.  The other female zombie is an even sadder story.  She is a heavily pregnant woman, and I like to think that her infection has spread to her unborn.  She has a bloody mess coming from that area.  A very great sculpt that I am glad to have and can't wait to use.  The first male zombie has a leg injury from his human days.  It's not slowing him down now and neither is the wound to his abdomen.  He also has a significant amount of gore on his shoulder and arm.   The final patient zombie is still draggin his IV drip with him.  He has some wound but nothing that looks like it would have killed him.  I really like the staggered pose for this guy.

All in all these are really good sculpts and I'm glad to add them to my collection.  There are a lot of unique features on the zombies (casts, pregnancy ect) and they make so much sense to be included with the outbreak. 
Thanks for reading, and comments are always appreciated.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Infecting Mayhem City 09 (Grekwood Zombie Doctors)

When the zombies begin to overrun the streets, many of the infected will wind up in emergency clinics and doctor's offices.   That would result in doctors being among the highest at risk for infection. And that brings us to this week's zombies from Grekwood Miniatures.  


Starting on the left, we have a red haired female doctor.   Stethoscope still around her neck, she has only minor wounds, so I upped her gore by bloodying her hand as though she had ripped someone apart.  The blond female doctor looks pretty unscathed from the front, though I bloodied her shirt up anyway.  But from the back, she has a minor wound in the buttocks, but quite a gaping on to the back of the head.   It wasn't enough to destroy the brain, as she is still walking, but her hair has been ripped in that area, leading to a lot of blood loss.  Who knows, maybe the wound was from before she became a Zed.  The African American doctor has also been feeding, and bleeding a lot from the head.  He also has a stethoscope but it is mostly obscured by his blood loss.  I am a pretty big fan of his head tilt, as though he has just heard a sound giving away the location of his next meal.   The final male doctor is virtually unwounded, but has fed recently, and is looking to do so again.

As a group, I really enjoy this set of Zombies.  One can never have enough zombie doctors, so while these aren't the most original concept for zeds, they fit a role that every zombie gamer needs (and needs lots of).  These doctors are well sculpted, with great little details like lots of pockets, doctor gear and the African American even has a neck tie.

So I highly recommend them, and you can get them at a good price from Grekwood Miniatures.   It's a new company, so we should all support them (Though I'm sure many of the people reading this have already heard of them/ordered from them).  The end result will only be more zombie related sculpts!

Comments are always appreciated.