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Friday, 30 September 2011

Populating Mayhem City 08 - Unarmed Citizens (Foundry Street Thugs)

So far we've covered a wide array of Mayhem's citizens, from the military and police force, to the thugs on the street.  But so far they all had one thing in common, they were all armed.  Whether it was pistols, assault rifles or just baseball bats, they had all something to wage battle.  Not so, in today's figures.

Two more "Street Thugs" from the war games Foundry.  Their names from that company are Tony and Bets, respectively.   Tony, I've painted with a sweater sporting the name of California punk rock band NOFX.  They're a favourite of mine, and something I could see an adult skate boarder wearing.  Bets, I painted up with an American Flag on his T-shirt with *USA* written on the back.

While these guys are listed as thugs, I'll probably get just as much use out of them as regular unarmed civilians.  In actuality, Tony can be listed as having improvised weapons in the form of his wallet chain (1 handed) or his skateboard (2 handed).   And if need be, I could assign him any weapon that would fit in his backpack.  Bets could also have a concealed weapon in that rolled up newspaper I suppose, heh.

As for the sculpts, once again Foundry does not disappoint.   Both are great dynamic poses, with Tony cruising on his board, and I particularly like how Bets looks like he is storming towards something with a purpose.  They would make great poses for a city based diorama if you were to inclined.

Hope you enjoyed this little review.   Not sure if it was noticed, but I believe this was the first time I failed to post two blogs in one week.  A major reason for doing this was that I was flying through my material too fast.  In no time I would have all my miniatures posted, and then the blog would come to a standstill.   I'm thinking once a week will be my posting rate from now on.  (At least for miniature posts.   I may come up with random ideas I feel the need to post).
Thanks for reading, and as always, comments are appreciated.


  1. Very nice Adam. My posting has dipped as well mainly because I found myself rushing and not get stuff painted to a standard i was happy with

    See you over at the Zombie Forums

  2. Good, I like to see unarmed people... Ok, they are food for Zombie, but they should be the mayority, at least on the very first days...

    IMHO of course.

  3. Nice looking figures, the blonde figure really looks like Tin Tin!!

  4. Another two great figures from Foundry. I agree with you, they may be classed as thugs but they work far better as civilians. Every game needs civilians.

    I hope you can stick to your planned schedule of posting once a week. I can attest that regular posts are the best way to attract followers. I wish you well.

  5. Thanks for the comments all.

    @ Lurker Thank you, I do my best. Some figures come out better than others.

    @Brummie, I just joined the Zombie forum today, and I hope it takes off. Looks like a good focal point for the zombie bloggers.

    @ Zerloon, I really like to have some unarmed feed for the zombies. Thought they should be in the majority, I really don't know how many are needed for ATZ. I do stumble across several I would like to have.

    @Ray Tin Tin! It's all I see now that I look at him, hah hah.

    @Vampifan Thanks for the comment. I don't think I'll have any problem keeping a once a week pace. Even twice a week, it was not the pacing that was a problem. I had time to write a post, I just looked at the pile of completed figures, and the pile of unpainted lead, and realized I would eventually run out of material. I may still post twice a week sometimes, but once a week will allow my material to strech farther.
    It will never slip below that. I have many blogs I follow that have fallen to more than a month without updates, and I really wish they would post something new because most of them have very enjoyable blogs.

  6. nice job, i see bets is of to the track with his paper to check the form, i like the sculpts, you could allways do a bit of converting and give them weapons later in your campaign

  7. Paint jobs are great, and the personal touches are even better, I also have a once a week posting policy, If I do more than that it takes the fun out of this hobby and of course like yourself I'ld run out of painted material, rush things and generally not enjoy myself, I've been doing this now since the end of 2009, it feels balanced.

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