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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 20 (Hasslefree Zombie Suzi)

Happy Halloween everyone, and welcome to my final post for October, which concludes my postings for Zomtober.   It was a fun little thing to do and thanks to Leon over at http://pulp-citizen.blogspot.ca/ for starting it all.  So here we go, and in this case, I believe I really did save the best for last.

Hasslefree miniatures really are in a league of their own when it comes to detail.  They are a little more expensive than I'd like, but when you're only getting a few of them, I am able to justify it.  Here we have Suzi, who comes both in a hero form and a zombified for.  I don't have the hero version, as it is not as appealing to me, but man, this is one great zombie.  In fact, at this point in time, this is my favourite zombie in my entire horde.  She's that good.
Zombie Suzi is dressed much the same as her human form with a few minor differences.  She seems to have lost a shoe at some point, and her skirt is now torn revealing even more of her panties (pink in this case).   But what really makes Suzi a great figure is the pose.   It reminds me of something out of the films The Ring or The Grudge, neither of which are actually zombie films, but both feature creepy young girls with their faces more often than not covered with their hair.  I like to picture the heroes running around a corner to come face to face with Suzi here, just barely seeing her sneering teeth beneath her hair.

Comments are appreciated, Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 19 (Studio Miniatures Priest)

Hello again.  Just another quick update for Zomtober.  This time we have the zombified priest from the same set as the bride previously featured in Zomtober.

So again I have painted a mostly white figure, drybrushing up from grey.   Wounds are minimal on the priest, and he may have fed a little as he has blood on his lips.  His hands however are clean, so he hasn't likely been ripping people apart.  As with all Studio Miniatures zeds, this guy is well sculpted.  I didn't want to mess him up too much, so I went with a few dabs of blood on areas where his clothes were torn.
So that is my fourth zed this month, and tomorrow I'll post my favourite.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 18 (Studio Miniature Zombie)

Hello, hello, here is just a quick update on my Zomtober painting project.  Nothing special, just one of Studio Miniatures  fantastic zombies.

There's not a lot to say about a single miniature like this.  I will add that when I order his set, he was probably my least favourite pose from the set.   This is because I can't look at his pose and not think of a marionette.  After receiving him however, I grew much fonder of him due to his exposed brain!   He'd probably be a relatively easy zombie to finish off if destroying the brain is really key.  Someone was very close.
Other than the obvious head wound, this zed has several cuts over his body.  They look like stab wounds from the front.  Perhaps some poor fool thought they were dealing with a dangerous drunk that could be felled by a mere knife wound.   Or maybe the wounds came from someone similar to the last episode of Walking Dead, where stabbing was attempted.  Either way, those wounds have character.  Not much else to say, I like hose the paintjob came out.  Still a fan of the Foundry paints.

Comments are appreciated.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 17 (Victory Force Zombie)

Argh, a week behind again.
Bad news is: I'm a week behind posting for Zomtober.  The good news is that I've completed painting all 5 zombies for Zomtober.  It was the photographing them that was holding me back.  To make up for it, I shall attempt to post twice this week (I was keen and did all of the picture taking tonight).  My goals for Zomtober was to try to pick a few unique zombies.  I would have liked to have tackled 5 different companies to represent as well, but I only had 3 different lines on hand, so that is all I can do.   This week we have a single Victory Force zombie.  He's nothing special, just one of their randoms from the 50 for $50 sale they used to have.  The reason I picked him was that I found him based and primed but forgotten on the floor all by himself.  So here he is in all his glory.

So like I said, there's nothing spectacular about this miniature.  Like most of the VF zombies his arms are sculpt right to the body, so the lack some of the dynamic pose look that other companies like Studio Miniature have.  But for rounding out the horde he does his job just fine, and the price was certainly right.
The paintjob was very basic, following the Foundry 3 paint system.  The highlights didn't show up as great as I'd like, but for a quick job I am satisfied.   With a lot of the Studio Miniatures zombies I have on my table, they are so full of detail that I try to use blood and gore sparingly, usually just filling in sculpted wounds.   The VF zeds aren't quite so detailed, so I decided to take this moment to create a very bloody zombie, drenching his torso.  I like the effect, as it was a nice change to the way I had been doing things.

Comments are always appreciated, and I hope to have another zed to post Wednesday or Thursday.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 16 (Studio Miniatures Bride)

Just a single figure to display this week.  I've decided to jump onboard with pulpcitizen , Brummie and Rob to take part in Zomtober.  The basic idea, is to get at least 5 zombies painted up and completely this month,  and display one a week.  I have gotten into posting on Mondays, so here is my first.

For this week I painted up the Bride from Studio Miniatures.  A rather basic paintjob as she is mostly white, but white clothes are something I am never certain of how to tackle.  This time, I started with white primer, and then painting the entire dress in Fortress Grey.   This was then heavily drybrushed with Spacewolves Grey, which I did again after adding White to the Spacewolves Grey, and finally a drybrush of just white.  I am rather happy how it came out this time.
I used some watered down black to line the separation points.  Her tiara crown is painted in GW Metallics Chainmail and Mithril Silver.  For a little colour, I painted her wrist decoration in Foundry pinks (which will match the pink highlights of the rest of the wedding party).
For blood and gore, the bride only seems to have scratches to her arms, which I filled with blood.  Her dress is full of holes, some that I left unblooded as they may just be tears, but there are several on her torso that I bloodied.  I like to think that these are gun wounds that some survivor inflicted on her, not knowing headshots are what are needed.

So my first entry to Zomtober.  Should be a good month.  I'm hoping to feature 3 different miniature companies with my entries, though I'll probably use more Studio Miniatures to bring me up to 5 zeds.   All comments are appreciated.  

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians, Happy Columbus Day Americans and any other silly holidays that anyone else may be lucky enough to have this weekend.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Infecting Havensburg 15 (Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors)

Well for the first time in a long time I've managed to keep with a weekly posting.  It's nothing worth bragging about so let's jump right into this weeks content: Tiny Terrors from Studio Miniatures.  Zombie kids are still a little taboo.  Despite being a large part of the population, zombie children are rarely featured in zombie media.  Even The Walking Dead, has only featured 2 zombie kids that I can think of, and both were rather emotional to deal with.  And in keeping with that, Studio Miniatures has the only zombie kids on the market that I can think of, and they are some great ones.   Let's take a look.

Also worth noting with this set, I gave my first real whirl at painting with Foundry's Paint System triads.  I don't have a ton of colours yet, as what I bought was just trying the system out, but I liked the results.  I am bad at picking highlight colours, so with the Foundry System, this is made much easier, even if you do sometimes still need to mix some paints, you are at least guided in the right direction.
First up we have a little red haired boy dressed in yellow and brown.   He has some minor wounds to his belly and shoulder area, but nothing too major.  Next up is another little guy, who's highlighting I think came out really well.  Again, just minor wounds to the boy, but unlike the first, this one has been feeding. Next up we have a little girl with an eye wound, but not much else.  She stands very stiff, and I can picture some survivors coming around a corner to see her and being very creeped out!  The next girl in yellow is a bloody mess.  She definitely took some wounds in death, but has also been feeding quite well herself.  Sadly, she still clutches her doll from before her zombie days.   The next girl is in a pretty little dress, but also a bloody mess.  I like to think that she was shot in the chest, but too late to prevent her from being infected.   And the final boy has a few wounds of his own, including blood seeping into his eyes.  Doesn't slow him down (anymore than death has, anyway).

This is a pretty great set, and perfect for mixing up your zombie horde.  Just a few children peppered in a crowd of zombies will add a lot of diversity to the group, I think.  I'm going to attach a few closer up shots to the end of the blog.  As always comments are appreciated, and I hope to be back a week from today with another update.