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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 22 (Studio Miniatures Mob 7)

A bit late this week but I make up for it with a pretty substantial update.  We've got 8 zeds this week, from Studio Miniatures.    This is their seventh mob, but I didn't buy them in order.  I jumped right to 7 because of the poses in this one had a lot of character. 

First up we have a female zombie.  Likely an office worker or something along those lines (though the skirt is a little short).  This girl has lost her left arm from the elbow down, staining her side with blood.  Her other hand is rather mangled as well.  She has not faired too well.  Next up is a woman in a blue dress, with an overcoat.  All the variations of blue you see on my figures these days are Tomb Blue from Foundry.  I really like that set.   Anyway, this zombie isn't that messy, except for a lot of blood on her legs.  I assume they got cut and scratched when she was fleeing the undead.    Third up is my favourite female in this set.   Larger than the first two, she is decked out in pink athletic suit.  Not sure if it was being used, or clearly for fashion.  After seeing these figures on Vampifans's blog, I was informed this figure is likely based off of a character of a British skit show, but I'm not familiar with it.   She is quite bloodied with almost no skin left on her face, and various seeping wounds bleeding through her clothes.   And on the end, the first male of the group, the biker.  This biker has lost both hands perhaps making him seem like less of a threat, but he is still quite a biter.   I don't own any other bikers yet, but I'm sure one day I will.  When I do, this guy will certainly be a zombie used to represent a recently deceased biker from that gang.   I put some effort into painting flames on his bandanna that I think came out well.

Next up, on the far left is a heavy set zombie that's I've painted with African American Flesh.  He wears a thick red coat over a button up shirt.   There were several holes sculpted in the shirt that I've bloodied up as gun shots.   I really like this pose, as it looks as though he just heard a survivor make a noise, and is beginning to move in that direction.   Next up is an office worker that probably survived for a while before becoming a zombie himself.  He has bandages covering wounds on both his head and his wrist.  He also lacks skin on his right arm from the elbow down, so someone has been feasting on him.  Another office worker up next, this time in a pink shirt, which I am fond of how it came out.  I like this guy's pose as he is demonstrating the popular zombie walk of dragging one's leg behind.  And the final zombie looks like a younger male.  His torso is a mess of wounds, but his head is unscathed.   The pose is a bit weird as it looks like a confused survivor, but I still find it a charming piece.  H Is hair is a very yellow blond as I was trying different hair techniques.

Hope you enjoyed the Studio Miniatures Zombie Mob 7.  I would highly recommend them to anyone creating a zombie horde, they are among the best zeds on the market.
Comments are always appreciated.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 21 (Studio Miniatures Til Death Do Us Part)

Today I'll be showing off a set of Studio Miniatures Zombies, though unfortunately only a single miniature will be completely new to the blog.  The Til Death Do Us Part set comes with two children, a Priest, a Bride and a Groom.  I displayed the Bridge and Priest as part of Zomtober's pledge to paint a zombie a week.  And the children are the same sculpts included in the Tiny Terrors set already featured in this blog.  I was a little disappointed to realize they were the same sculpts, but in the end, I like having more children zombies so I don't mind that much.  The only all new sculpt featured today is the Groom, and he's a pretty good one.

With the children, I went with a pink paint scheme that matches the accents on the bride and groom.  The boy (a ring bearer perhaps) is also blond to match the bride.  He is likely a nephew or younger brother.  Not much new to say about these kids.  They are great sculpts, and add to the creepiness of the zombie threat.   Then in the middle we have the groom.  I love the stance he is in, and the spread of his legs.   Like the drunken walk of a not so sturdy zombie.  He won't be running after anyone.   Bride and Priest have already had their own posts, but it is still worth noting what great sculpts they are.   
Another highly recommended set from Studio Miniatures.  Comments are always appreciated.