Welcome to my little corner of preparations for All Things Zombie. Here you'll find my progress of painting miniatures and preparing terrain, as well as any other little nerdiness that may sprout up. Enjoy, and please comment.

Friday 24 February 2012

Populating Mayhem City 17 (Bobby Jackson Thugs Ladies)

A bit of good news for this update, I've done some rearranging of lights and produced (in my opinion) pictures that are far better than what I had been using lately.   Since that is the case, I will include a few extra pictures of previous updates at the end, just so there are better pictures of older figures.  Now onto this week.

Boomsheeka on the left is actually only about 95% finished, as I still need to add some sort of highlights to here hair, which is just a solid black at this point.  Booksheeka is a big girl, to say the least, but comes unarmed.  I considered adding a weapon slung over her shoulder, but realized that she wasn't likely to become a regular part of any zombie fighting force or ganger, and that I could always use more unarmed civilians, so I left her as such.   She looks tough enough to handle herself without weapons anyway.
Next to Boomsheeka is Blix Moonbeam, local hippy chick.  She may preach the ways of loving your fellow man, and just enjoying some good weed, but that didn't stop her from picking up a gun when the Zombie apocalypse hit.  Fortunately, her gun is so small and tucker behind her back that I could get away with using her as another unarmed civilian if needed.
I'm a pretty big fan of both these figures and how they came out, but I think Blix is just a little bit better.  I also put a little bit more effort into her paint job with the tie dye bandanna and peace logo on her shirt.  I wasn't too happy with how her lips came out (a bit clownish) so I may try to fix that at some point.

Here's another look at the last two week's worth of updates.   The Professional faces off with Aldo and Baldo.   Of course, my camera skills aren't great so I have a bit of the 'focused on one figure and blurring the others' effect going on.  I should have put them in a straight line.  Regardless, this shows them better than the pictures I used last week.

And finally, an updated picture of the zombie horde.  It is not overwhelmingly large yet, but it is getting to the point that would be too much for a small group to survive.  And perhaps, almost enough to game with.   A bit of the same focus issues here, but I think it looks okay for a horde shot.

All comments and criticisms are appreciated.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Populating Mayhem City 16 (The Professional - Wargames Foundry)

Just another quick little update with another survivor on the streets of Mayhem City.  He comes from Foundry's set labelled Professionals, and he looks like he is just that.

Dressed in an expensive suit, with a long trenchcoat, this killer for hire comes armed with a high powered assault rifle.   He definitely looks like he is better armed and/or prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse than the average civilian would be.

In actuality, as awesome as this figure is, I can't see myself using him often in an ATZ setting.   He just comes across as too confident, too well armed and too...professional.  As a hired gun in a modern conflict scenario, he would have much more use.   

Sorry again for the lousy pictures.   Got a much better camera, but haven't figure out the settings.  I think alot of the crappyness has to do with poor lighting.  Anyway, I hope you liked this guy, who I did not name, but simpley refer to him as the Foundry pack name: The Professional.  All comments appreciated.

Monday 6 February 2012

Populating Mayhem City 15 (More of Bobby Jackson's Thugz)

Welcome back to those that are still reading, a couple of more thugs have shown up on the street of Mayhem City.  Whether it is to create problems for the police or do their best to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, this duo is prepared to bring the fight to the table.

Today I present the brothers Aldo Prince and Jack "Baldo" Prince, affectionately known as Aldo and Baldo.  Also sports a nice afro, and a machine pistol.  His hand post indicates he may be smoking, though my figure has no cigarette in his hand.   Also is the younger and sportier of the brothers, as he is rocking a basketball jersey and short (for some reason, on top of long pants).  Of course, to dress to impress, he has his share of bling shown off.

Baldo is a bit of a custom figure, as his head is taken from a different Bobby Jackson figure.  What can I say, I liked the original head from this figure better somewhere else.  That will come in a future update.  Baldo also favours the colour red, like his brother.  A little more mature however, hs is satisfied with a regular old pistol to do his talking.  More bling of course, one is never too mature for bling.

The pictures aren't the best.  My wife got a new camera for Christmas, that once I figure out, should produce much better pictures.  However, my biggest problem is lighting.  I need to pick up some better lamps for photos.

As with all Bobby Jackson's thugs I liked these figures a lot, despite modifying one a little bit.  These guys look a little overwhelmingly red as a duo, but they blend in nicely with the rest of the gang.   The full names don't really stick with me, as they are simply called Aldo and Baldo.  That started as Afro and Baldo, but I preferred the rhyming scheme.
As always, comments and advice on the figures is appreciated.

Also wanted to take a moment to point out a new blog/store I stumbled across last night.  Demo's laser cut terrain is looking like a nice cheap way to quickly put together some buildings.  As much as I love worldworkgames' cardstock terrain, the time investment there may keep me from ever getting ATZ on the table.  I will be picking some of Demo's designs up when I get a chance.  Check them out here.