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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Populating Mayhem City 10 - Young Plugs (Wargames Foundry)

Hello again, today I'll be showing two of my latest completed figures, Denny and Les of the Young Plugs, from Wargames Foundry.

I like that Denny is wearing a jacket, and then a heavy checkered shirt underneath, and then a T-Shirt.  If gives him a sense of being over dressed, but appropriately so if he is living as a survivor in desperate time.   Len on the other hand has a sporty sweater that fits in any setting.

Denny comes armed with  scoped rifle, a great weapon for the zombie apocalypse.  Les is more heavily armed with an assault rifle.  My limited gun knowledge would have me label this rifle and M16, but I do recall Vampifan calling it an H&K model when he did his review of the plugs.   Either way, Len is not one to be taken lightly.

With both of them having long brown hair, I like to think of these two as brothers.   They are versatile figures that could easily be used as either survivors or gangers.  With the long hair and goatees, both of them were considered as a star character for my ATZ campaign, as they could pass as 28mm versions of myself from my early 20s.   But I think I have something else lined up.

I'm a pretty big fan of these two, by far the best figures out of the Young Plugs.  Ronnie the Worm was previously presented, and the two females from the group, unfortunately were sacrificed in my efforts to practice conversions (Iwasn't a big fan of either of them anyway).

Well thats all for this week, I hope you like Denny and Les (Foundry's names).  Comments are appreciated.


  1. Painting is up to your usual high standard, Adam. These are equally usable as survivors or gangers. Les is definitely armed with a Heckler and Koch G3 assault rifle and not the M16. Sorry, Adam, but I do know the difference between the two. But seeing as ATZ has no distinction between weapon makes, it really doesn't matter what you call it, just as long as you classify it as an assault rifle.

  2. Great painted "brothers in arms" Adam!


  3. nice,they look great,you did a fantastic job on lens jacket and trainers

  4. Very nice I like the denny figure with his scoped rifle.

    Agree with Shinto about the jacket and trousers they look great.

    Yup tis a H&K G3 assault rifle

  5. Nice work Adam! I've got that red tracksuit top in my wardrobe!!!

  6. these look good, Very nice paint jobs, I like the red trackie top.

    I can also confirm the H&K G3, I use it in battlefield Bad company :)

  7. Great paintwork, good goatees (I have one myself).

  8. Thanks for the comments guys, they are appreciated. The red jacket seems to be particularly popular.

    So who can tell me the easy differences to spot between an M16 and and H&K G3?

  9. The easiest way to tell the difference between them is that the M16 has a carrying handle above the part of the gun where the magazine and trigger is. The G3 has no such feature.

  10. Thanks, I will use that as my #1 indicator.