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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Populating Mayhem City 13 (Bobby Jackson's Gangsta Thugs)

Welcome back to the hood of Mayhem, where we will introduce a few more of it's inhabitants.   They are more great figures from Bobby Jackson's line.  They need little enough introduction, so let's go.

Now there's a tough looking crew you don't want to cross, zombie apocalypse or not.  Starting on the far left we have Heavy C.  He may be gangsta, and he may have two pistols, but his too small t-shirt and belly showing make me view this character as almost comedy fodder.   Even his pose makes him look like he's about one step away from falling on his face.  Next up is Shades.   He's advancing with a pistol drawn, and always wears his sunglasses, day or night.   Under his jacket he's got a hockey jersey on (probably Boston, but could be a retro Pittsburgh).  His pants are an urban blue camouflage style that I didn't really plan on doing.  After starting with a blue base, the highlight I choose was far too bright.  So I decided to really over do it with the blue, and then added some black marks as well.  I'm really happy with it, and pretty sure it came out better than it would had I planned to do camo from the beginning.

Next up is Jimmy Money, with his gun lined up for the deadly kill shot.   He's got a dollar sign charm around his neck for his namesake.  For some reason I picture Shades and Money as brothers (no pun intended), and will treat them as such in scenarios.  Last of the crew is Cliff.  He's a lot less flashy than his cohorts.   Perhaps he is a little bit older, and a little more experienced than his fellow gangers, but this is less of a game to him.   It's not about dancing around and posing with your gun sideways.  It's life or death on the street, and for that reason he carries a big gun, the only in his crew to carry more than a pistol.   Cliffs shotgun will probably make him fair better than the others in both modern/urban combat and a zombie apocalypse.  

All in all, these are great figures.  I have a harder time picking a favourite out of this crew.  Jimmy Money and Cliff are probably my favourite.  If I had to choose one, it would probably be Cliff, just for his uniqueness in weapon choice.

The gang is growing into quite a force.   I'm really satisfied with what they bring to the table.   Here is a picture of them so far:

Thanks for reading, all comments are appreciated.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Populating Mayhem City 12 (Bobby Jackson's Gangsta Thugs)

Welcome back, and it's time to introduce a few miniatures from a great line:  Bobby Jackson's Thugs.  This crew is a set of great sculpts, totally nailing the gangsta feel.  Let's look at what I have painted so far.

On the far right you have my favourite of the entire line, who I have named Tyrone.   Tyrone fits to role perfectly.  He is intimidating, muscled, draped in gold and holding his pistol in the dreaded 'kill shot' angle.   Once again I made a small attempt at checkered/plaid clothing as this lad's boxer shorts are exposed.  
Second in line is the duo of Sammy and Little Walter (names stolen from a book I just read).   Now while most of this line is clearly meant to be made up of mean thugs, I like to view this figure a little differently.  Sure, it is possible that the sculptor intended this figure to be a trashy mom bringing her baby along to a gun fight, but I prefer to view it more as a desperate mother fighting to keep her child alive.  Perfect for the zombie apocalypse, where I am certain this figure will find many uses.  I tried painting her up in a motherly colours rather than a tough girl set (where I probably would have used some black colouring).  The yellow shoes look a little goofy, so I may try to add some blue there as well.  Clearly her base needs to be touched up as well, but that is a simple task.

Last in line, and wielding dual pistols is Billy Z.  Veteran street thug in his early 20s, he's been in enough shootouts to recognize the benefit of some kevlar body armour.  Dressed all in black because he is certain it makes him look tougher, Billy Z is a perfect addition for street gang games or zombie apocalypse.

There's nothing not to like about this set of figures, and would be a must have set for anyone in a modern, urban setting (whether there are zombies or not). Every figure in the set has a dynamic pose that looks like it comes right out of a rap video.   I plan on using most of these figures as rival gangers in ATZ, but some can fit the role as a survivor as well.   All will also work as a gang in any modern conflict, such as could be used with the Flying Lead ruleset.

That's all for this week, all comments are appreciated.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Infecting Mayhem City 04 - Victory Force Zombies

Hello again.  This will be a shorter blog update because most of the things that cna be said were already said in the last post.  These zombies are more of the same, from the great Victory Force Zombie 50 for $50 deal.  Let's look at what we have this time.

A crew of five undead walkers.   You may notice that compared to last week, these zombies haven't been feeding as well.  In fact, only the right most zombie has any blood or gore in his mouth area.   That zombie also is severely lacking in wounds, so much that I considered passing him off as a living citizen. In the end though, I gave his face some blood and more on his hand, and he'll pass as a zombie just fine.
Second zombie is in rough shape.  He is missing his right hand, entire left arm and the skin around his left shin.  He is appropriately the most blood covered of this group.
The third and fourth zombies are both showing multiple wounds, and are leaking a lot of blood.

The backs of these guys made out a bit better, but that's not much to be happy about when you join the zombie infected.

And just a profile shot to show some of the wounds from the side.  I like this little set of zombies, and I think they'll fit into my horde just nicely.  I forgot to take a horde shot for this post, but will either edit one in here tonight, or make sure to have one for next time.
Thanks for reading, even though this was a bit repetitive.  I should have a good set of Bobby Jackon's Thugs or maybe some or Juno's Crew from Foundry completed for the next update.

All comments are appreciated.