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Saturday 29 December 2012

Populating Havensburgh 21 ( Clearco's Survivors)

Much like last year I virtually disappeared from the blogosphere for the Christmas holidays.  I  did pop in once in a while to try to read some of your posts, and even comment from time to time, but it wasn't as much as I would have liked.   To make up for it I have a bit of a unique post this week.  So unique, in that I believe at this point only the sculptor and myself have copies of.  If you're interested, check out this thread on Lead Adventure, as he has mentioned that he will be selling them in the new year.  Clearco created these to have some more commonly sized women for a horror style game.  I thought they'd make great zombie survivors (I've armed most of mine with guns rather than the melee weapons Clearco intended).  I'm a big fan of variety in body sizes in miniature, especially since most female figures are shaped like barbies and more often than not dressed like whores.   So here they are:

None of these girls have been named yet, so I'll just start on the left.  One of the figures I kept armed with a melee weapon (the post demanded it).  So she may still be dressed a little revealing, but she looks very believable as an average woman.  She has confidence with the pipe resting on her shoulder.  She could be a regular girl, or a tough as nails gangsta.  Note the Jamaican flag painted on her top, I like how that came out.
Next up is a hot blonde armed with two pistols (one which looks larger calibre).  The original version was armed with two hammers, but I prefer the pistols.
Next up, an axe wielding chick.  I copied the yellow shirt and black hair from Clearco's demo versions as I liked how they looked.  The axe is also a common Zombie fighting weapon, so I left her with that. 
Fourth up is the only of the group that is truly fat, but she doesn't seem to care, given the way she is dressed. I painted her with a Hispanic skin tone that I think came out well, especially considering it was my first attempt at it.  Her pose is a little awkward since she I supposed to be propping up a shovel in Clearco's version.  But as she is she works well as either an overly confident chick who isn't even looking at her intended target, and she'd be perfect in a hostage scenario.  
The next curvy babe is a favourite of mine as Clearco sculpted her on my request.  Very cool considering most sculptors will charge you $200 for that sort of service.  She is a business woman or high class gangster. advancing slowly with a pistol.   I am still tossing around the idea of putting another weapon in her left hand, but am not certain.  I do like how her glasses came out.
The last girl isn't curvy at all, but still pretty cool.  I'm not happy at all with how her legs came out (I was going for nylons, but they look too blotchy).  I love her pose however, they away she has her fingers is great.  She looks like she is very confident in her abilities.  I even went so far as to paint her nails as so much attention was drawn to them.  
Something I'm also fond of in my painting of these girls, is the three variations of blond.  I used quite different methods, and think they came out pretty good.


So there you have it, quite a unique set of ladies for any modern scenario.  Check out the thread I linked to above if you're interested in picking them up.
Comments are always appreciated.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Populating Havensburgh 20 (Hasslefree Miniatures Tony (b))

Just a single figure this week, but its a good one, Tony (b) from Hasslefree.  Hasslefree miniatures are known for being a cut above the competition, so its fair that I'll review them on their own I think.  Also this figure is almost certain to be featured in my eventual campaign as he is a close representation of one of my closest friends.   He's the type of friend that I wouldn't be all that surprised to find out that he had all this gear on hand "just in case".


So Tony (b) is armed with a couple of Mac-10s.  Incidentally this is my least favourite Hasslefree weapon.   They look a little too SciFi for me, and are quite oversized for a sub machinegun.  Oh well, they are also passable as large calibre pistols I guess.  He is also decked out in body armour and many extra clips of ammo.   I'm pretty happy with the paintjob over all, except for the camo on the pants.  I copied a simple camo technique from the Foundry Painting Guide, and while it was simple and looks passable, I'm not completely sold on the white dots.  I won't be changing it now, but I doubt I'll use it again.

I just wanted to show a close up of the glasses, as they do transition from white to blue, though it was tough to get this to show in pics.  Now that I have a pic this close, I wish I had thinned the paints out more!