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Friday, 28 October 2011

Infecting Mayhem City 03 (Victory Force Zombies)

The infection is spreading.  More undead are walking.   With the Victory Force Zombies Special it is easy to bolster your undead, and fast.  I picked up the deal over the summer, but in the theme of Halloween they are running it again until October 31st.   Their blog says this will be the last time the special is offered at this price (I predict they continue to offer it at 50 zombies for $60 in the future).   In my opinion you can't get a jump start on a quality zombie horde faster than this offer.
On to the walkers.   This is just 5 of the 50, and featured a few of my preferred zombies from the group.   The guy on the left walks forward with a dull expression, wanting on the flesh of the living.  Judging by his mouth and neck area, he has had his share of it.  The sculpt for this fellow was probably meant to represent a suit, but I wanted to use the opportunity to attempt a plaid coat.  I'm not overly satisfied, but this is something I'll tackle again in the future.
Zombie #2 has a mouth ful of gore, and a blood stained hand, but he is not as stained as zombie #1.  His colour scheme is kind of bland, but I like the sculpt.
Zombie #3 has also feasted recently, and juding by the blood locations, I'd say she was shoveling human remains into her mouth with her left hand.  She also has a wounded leg, predating her infected days.  Other than her flesh, eyes and blood, this zombie was painted completely with Citadel Washes.

Zombie #4 is my least favourite of the group.  Her pants just didn't seem sculpted in a realistic manner and her extended arms, while a common zombie pose, seemed to capture the angle all wrong.   Her hands are bloodied up, but she has not been eating.  I added some gore to her head and hair; likely the wound the ended her normal life.
Zombie#5 may be my favourite of the group.  He is chubby, and missing an arm.  With a missing arm, I figured white would be a good colour for his shirt, to really display the blood at a distance.  He has also fed recently, which at this point is a feature I over use in my zombie painting, but I love it!

So this is just 10% of what I received in the zombie deal from Victory Force Miniatures.  At $1 per zombie, I would suggest this deal to anyone, but particularly for people trying to get a quick but reasonably costed horde.  As awesome as Studio Miniature Zombies are, if you were just starting off and wanted to grab 50 of their zombies, it would cost you a lot more than $50.   Granted Studio Miniatures have a higher quality sculpt, I think the VF zombies are good for what you pay.

The horde is expanding.   Starting to look like something that would really set back a single zombie survivor, but still, a well prepared group should be able to take them down...if they don't expand....

Thanks for reading, and comments are always appreciate.


  1. One of the few zombie companies I don't have but they look good and well painted, the more blood the better especially if they have feasted.

  2. they look sweet mate, well done on the check shirt

  3. Great looking figures, I like the 1armed fat bloke, he reminds me of my pal The Angry lurker, who has two arms I might add!! he he!

  4. Very nice dude, starting of great group of the dead you will soon have a 'Herd' Checked shirt looks great!

  5. Keep 'em coming! These aren't the best sculpted zombies on the market but they do help you to build up a horde quickly and cheaply. Someday I'll get round to painting my VF horde!

  6. Nice work Adam, the horde is coming along nicely

  7. Thanks for the comments guys, I'm happy with the way the horde is progressing. Got to get the zombie to survivor ration up though.