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Saturday 10 December 2011

Infecting Mayhem City 05 (Victory Force Zombies)

A little late on this one.  Christmas parties and recovery times from said parties got in the way.  No more excuses, on to more of the expanding zombie horde, courtesy of Victory Force.  I like the set of Zeds I chose here better than some of the previous sculpts.

First up is a red haired party girl in a leopard print dress.  Not even the threat of a zombie apocalypse was going to keep her from the clubs, apparently.  Turns out she should have stayed in, as somewhere along the line a zombie ate here hand.   
Next to her, is another female zed with only a minor shoulder wound.   Just a bite to the shoulder was enough to infect her, and now she is out craving the human flesh as well.
next up we have a fellow with what appears only be some flesh wounds as well.  However, it is obvous from his hands and mouth that he has been out causing wounds.  This zombie has been eating well. 
Next in line is a zombie that could possibly pass for a rager, just based on his pose, I think.  He looks to be a bit of a runner.   He has some wounds to his arms, and chest along with some significant skin loss on his legs.  I like this sculpt and his white T-Shirt really helps his blood stains pop I think.
last in line is my favourite sculpt of the entire 50 zombies that I received.  The ol' half legless Zed.   This guy must have had a horrible ending, and now is on the short end of the stick as a 'walker'.  But he still tries. He appeared to be dressed as a grocery store style employee, but that doesn't really show up now that he is almost completely covered in his own blood.  I even stained the pavement around him with blood.   I really like this guy.

Here are some pics from other angles.

Well the horde is expanding nicely.   Soon I'm going to be ready for some practice level games of ATZ.
Anyone have a favourite in this horde?  I really like the legless Zed shown this week, but the Barney may be unbeatable for uniqueness. All comments are appreciated.

Friday 2 December 2011

Populating Mayhem City 14 (More of Juno's Crew from Wargames Foundry)

The last couple of posts have shown some of a gangers from the streets of Mayhem.   This time we'll be looking at a different breed of criminal.   These guys aren't robbing folks on a the street, partaking in drivebys or holding up liquor stores.   That doesn't make them any less deadly.  These guys are more along the lines of multi-million dollar jewel thieves, intimidating and blackmailing politicians.   Here they are.

Two brothers in crime, they're names are Vincent and Victor (Vega?).   Clearly Vincent is a play off of the pulp fiction character of the same name and look, but I don't think I'll ever be using him as that character, just the name.   Victor Vega would technically be Michael Madsen's character from Resevoir Dogs (and Vincent Vegas cousin, I believe).   This miniature looks nothing like him, again I'm just using the name.

These two are both decked out in black tuxes, perhaps they were at a night out at the casino when the Zed apocalypse begins.  Luckily, they are both always armed.   Vincent has a nice BA pistol that should be good for dealing with survivors and zombies a like.   Victor, a little more on the wild side, has an MP5K for indiscriminately spraying down rivals.

I'm a pretty big fan of these figures as I think Juno's Crew is one of Foundry's best sets.   These guys have a great theme together, and just scream organized crime   It would be my top recommended set from the site. Do be warned Val (from the last Juno review) is a significant amount taller than the rest.   Speaking of which...

There's the crew, all three brothers as I treat them.   I picture Vincent being a bit of the smarter, leader character, Val being the strongest (he's huge) and while not stupid, he prefers to follow rather than lead.   Victor on the end has a pose that just screams Wild Thing, so he is the loose cannon of the group.   I think this trio would be a fun survivor group to play in ATZ.   I like their chances.

What do you guys think, all comments are appreciated.