Welcome to my little corner of preparations for All Things Zombie. Here you'll find my progress of painting miniatures and preparing terrain, as well as any other little nerdiness that may sprout up. Enjoy, and please comment.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

A Small Update

Hey all.  Things have been a bit slow for me in the hobby front.  I spent a week in New York City, and then spent the following week catching up on work and other things (One of which was re-watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones in anticipation of Season 2).

So I don't have anything new to show so far as paintings go, but hopefully, next time I show some miniatures they will look a little better than before, as I have invested in some skill building materials:

The Foundry Painting guide focuses on layering with the Foundry 3 Colour system.   It appears to be a somewhat easier method for achieving much better results.   I don't expect to become some sort of great painter, but the techniques in this book seems easy enough to tackle, and then produce miniatures that should look really good on the table (even if they don't look so good when zoomed in and photographed).     I guess time will tell on how well it pans out for me.

I'd also like to take this chance to promote a friend's blog.  He started it shortly before the end of 2011, and has hit over 130 posts.  The theme of his posts focus on his very expansive toy collection.  So if you have any interest in toys (especially of the 80s and 90s), GI Joe, Transformers and other nerdery, stop in and leave him a comment, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. 

Friday 9 March 2012

Invading Mayhem City? 01

Alright just keeping in the theme of naming my blogs as something to do with Mayhem city.  The following miniatures are actually quite unlikely to be used in any city themed gaming.  But they are among my first ever painted miniatures, and since I haven't had time to do any real painting this week (damn flu) I thought I'd show some old ones.  Here they are, my Space Hulk (3rd Edition) Tyranids.

I don't think they are fantastically painted, but they're not bad considering I had pretty much just jumped into the hobby with both feet.  In retrospect, I wish I had practised on a few models first, but its too late for that now.   I'm particularly proud of the finger nails.  I followed an online tutorial to achieve such an effect.  The official Space Hulk tyranids were of a blue and purple scheme that I was never fond of, so I went with something a little darker (and probably easier, in the long run).   I still like them better than the official colours.   Space Hulk is the only GW product I've ever played or purchases, so I wasn't too versed in the history of the tyranids anyway.   

I won't likely be around to comment or read everyone's blog this week (starting Sunday) as I'll be vacationing in NYC.  I'll try to catch up next week. Hope you enjoyed the Tyranids and when I get back, maybe I'll post the Space Marines.
Comments are always appreciated.

Monday 5 March 2012

Populating Mayhem City 18 (The Assault Group Russian Mafia)

This week I'll be showing off my most recent trio of figures, and they'll be from a bit of a different line of figures.   The Assault Group make a lot of miniatures covering modern and historical warfare, but not many of them have been used in the Zombie Apocalypse setting, so far as I have seen.  I liked the look of a few sets in the Organize Crime line, so I grabbed a set.   They are a little smaller in scale compared to most of my other figures, but not so much that it becomes an issue on the board.  I bought a set of four, but for some reason only primed 3 at once, and so only 3 got painted.  I'm unsure of whether or not the fourth will wind up in the same scheme or not.

These three got painted up in somewhat of a military styling, with camouflage pants, but I picture them as being more of an eccentric militia than official military.   These guys might make great saviours or wind up being just as much a threat as the walking dead.  All three are armed with the sub machinegun version of the AK74.  I really wanted figures armed with AK47s, but there are just not simple to find.  (The Assuault Group does have several, but none with the look I was hoping for.)


Each of these three has a nice amount of character, but I have not named any of them (yet).   On the far left is an older militia member.  His grey beard indicates that he's been around a while, and I like to think that he's been in a milita for most of his adult years.   He's been prepared for the communist invasion for as long as he can remember, and probably feels he is well suited to be a leader as the zombie uprising begins.   
Next up with the blond flowing locks is the figure I've been calling Fabio so far.  The name may not stick.  At a first glance this guy looks like he may be too pretty to be in a milita, but the way he holds his machine gun makes up the first glance opinions.   
Last in the line is the headbanded fellow, wearing a long sleeve shirt.  He is in a pretty nice crouched position in order to better target the zombies.     I was a pretty big fan of all three of these sculpts, especially with how aggressively each is posed.  I tend to enjoy figures who are aiming their weapons moreso than those who are just carrying them, and so of course I like this set.  In fact, the reason I picked them up was because I was considering doing a headswap on the Fabio character and using him as my main character for ATZ.    When the time came however, I liked the figure too much to do so.

Hope you enjoyed the trio, all comments are appreciated.