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Friday, 4 November 2011

Infecting Mayhem City 04 - Victory Force Zombies

Hello again.  This will be a shorter blog update because most of the things that cna be said were already said in the last post.  These zombies are more of the same, from the great Victory Force Zombie 50 for $50 deal.  Let's look at what we have this time.

A crew of five undead walkers.   You may notice that compared to last week, these zombies haven't been feeding as well.  In fact, only the right most zombie has any blood or gore in his mouth area.   That zombie also is severely lacking in wounds, so much that I considered passing him off as a living citizen. In the end though, I gave his face some blood and more on his hand, and he'll pass as a zombie just fine.
Second zombie is in rough shape.  He is missing his right hand, entire left arm and the skin around his left shin.  He is appropriately the most blood covered of this group.
The third and fourth zombies are both showing multiple wounds, and are leaking a lot of blood.

The backs of these guys made out a bit better, but that's not much to be happy about when you join the zombie infected.

And just a profile shot to show some of the wounds from the side.  I like this little set of zombies, and I think they'll fit into my horde just nicely.  I forgot to take a horde shot for this post, but will either edit one in here tonight, or make sure to have one for next time.
Thanks for reading, even though this was a bit repetitive.  I should have a good set of Bobby Jackon's Thugs or maybe some or Juno's Crew from Foundry completed for the next update.

All comments are appreciated.


  1. Nicely painted zombies, Adam.

  2. They're in bad shape, excellent work Adam.

  3. Very Good works!!

    How tall they are? Could you compare them with hasslefree or foundry?

  4. Very nice Adam, that Horde of yours is increasing steadily

  5. Nice work, very well done that man!!!

  6. Thanks guys, my favourite part of zombie painting comes with adding the gore. It is very satisfiying.

    Zerloon, they seem to fit well with Foundry figures, though the Foundry line itself has a lot of variation in scale. I don't have any Hasslefree yet, so I can't comment on that. In my next post, I'll post a picture of a size comparision with a VF zombie and a Foundry Survivor.

  7. they look very good, can we still get that offer 50 for 50 deal??

  8. No, it ended on Halloween, and they said that would be the last time they have such a deal. I suspect that they will have a similar deal with the price sligthly higher, perhaps 50 for $60 or so. Not sure.

  9. Excellent zombies. I think I could get my kids into this type of gaming. I've tried to talk them into doing what the guys at Postie's Rejects do but they won't go along with me. My son is sitting here beside me and he loves this.

  10. Thanks Anne. I've only recently gotten into this genre of gaming myself, and I'm having a blast. If you are looking for more encouragement to get your son into the zombie gaming, check out a few of my blogs linked on the side, many of them are doing it better than me.

    Interwebs Fail, they are great, pick them up and make them your own!