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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Infecting Mayhem City 01 - Victory Force Zombies

Well based off the title alone, you can get the idea that this is going to be a little bit of a different blog post today.  No longer will I be introducing the citizens of Mayhem City.  At least not of the living.  Today we bring forth the Zombies.  Infected, raised from the dead or otherwise, these will be the source of all problems in the future of Mayhem City.  And I was able to start showing them off due to a package arriving in the mail:

Nectar of the gods?

I had actually begun painting some zombies a while ago after taking part in Victory Forces cheap zombie sale earlier this summer, but without the blood effects, I wasn't ready to show them off.   The first two zombies actually aren't from the sale, but were from their more unique figures of zombies, and I simply couldn't pass them up.


So here we have the children's entertainer and the basketball player.  Both zombies are fantastic in my opinion, but I think the 'Barney' zombie takes the cake.   He is just so unique that everyone will recognize him immediately and probably be thankful that he was among the first to become infected.  The basketball player, while a good sculpt, is really only unique in the fact that he is significantly taller than the average 28mm figure.  I gave him the number 17 as it was among the easier numbers to paint.  No rounded edges!

The dinosaur and the tower.

You'll probably also note that I did not center the basketball player on his base at all.  I use washers with a hole in the center as bases, and had a difficult time attaching the zombie. It does look a little odd, but I am thinking of adding a traffic cone or some debris to break it up some more.

Zeds from the back.

I realized in this photo from the back that I had failed to 'bloody up' the wound on Barney's under arm.  I took care of this later, but did not take another picture of it.  The ball player also had something sculpted by his left foot.  I just covered this in blood and treated it as though his skin had fallen off, as his lower leg is just bone.   Hope that's what it was meant to be.

A little brighter, but the blood shows up a bit better here.

Hope you enjoyed the first zombie updates to this blog.   There will be more, but none of the Victory Force deal zombies are as interesting as these two, so they'll probably come in larger batches.
Thanks for reading, and I appreciate all comments and opinions.


  1. Look brilliant so far. I still need to get some zombies!

  2. Very nice work dude the zombies look great, and I agree Clear red is the Nectar of the Gods haha.

    Comes in so useful for stuff even if it does smell rather bad :P

  3. Thanks guys!

    Tamiya doesn't smell great, but its not so bad as GW Washes, particularly Devlon Mud.

  4. my son watches barney everday, so im happy to see your version, they both look great, you should add a basket ball to the players base to fill in the gap

  5. Aha, another convert to Tamiya Clear Red! No painter of zombies should be without it! I also painted the zombie mascot as Barney the Dinosaur, simply because it was such an obvious thing to do. These have turned out really well, Adam.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to think GW's ink washes smell bad. As for TCR, I don't mind its smell.

  6. I must find this Tamya Clear Red...

    Really good miniature too! :D

  7. TCR is clearly (pun intended) the choice of zombie painters everywhere. Interestingly enough it is not my first Tamiya Clear, as I already had clear blue at one point in an attempt to paint gems on Space Hulk figures.
    Thanks for commenting guys.

  8. I just found this blog and saw many fellow zombie gamers already here - thanks for sharing the link guys :-P (I added it to my blog list on my site)

    Nice work and I will have to get some of the clear red myself... I just need to find some where that sells it in my area.

  9. Welcome Shelldrake, glad you've made your way over here.

    The TCR isn't available around here either, but if you search for it on ebay, you will find a handful of guys from Hong Kong that have it for sale for around $4, shipping included.

    Thats how I got it.

  10. Nicely done work Adam, the Barney guy looks really good.

    @Shalldrake - The Hobbyman (Dandenong) carrys the nector of the gods.

  11. @ Extraordinarii Thank you very much :-D

  12. Great work especially the Barney and Taimya Red is one of the best colours out there for a bit of gore.

  13. Looking good! The object by the zombie B-ball player's foot is actually a deflated basketball...

  14. Of course it is! It's so obvious now, I'm shocked I didn't know.
    Well, I'm stuck with it being a mound of flesh. VF could benefit from painted demos on their product page.