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Monday, 19 September 2011

Populating Mayhem City 07 - The Military (Foundry SWAT Team Alpha)

Hello.  So clearly this little Zombie Apocalypse isn't going to be handled by police and SWAT along.  It's time to send in the military.   And here they are:

The best of the best.
These five nicely cover the roles of the military I think.  Machine guns, pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns and snipers can be covered by this group.  I went with a paintjob of catachan green with grey gear.  Originally I started with a grey outfit and green gear, but I was not fond of it so I started over.   To be honest, I probably should have used this opportunity to attempt some camouflage painting, but I found the prospect of that too daunting.
Time to run some crowd control on the population of Mayhem.

The first three figures are remarkable similar to 3 from SWAT Team Shadow, but with a few big differences.  The heavy gunner at the far left is equipped with a radio headpiece, the pistol wielding soldier has a Big Ass gun in stead of a regular pistol, and the woman is holding her MP5K in a bit of a gangsta pose.

The Military Men

Just a closer view of the men from this squad.   My favourite sculpt is probably the sniper, though I do like the way the guy in the middle holds his pistol with two hands, it looks authentic.  I also like to picture the pistol armed soldier as the leader of the group.

Girls in Uniform.

And now for the ladies.  I also consider them the rookies of the team.  At first I had the girl on the right pegged to be the groups leader; then I realized she came wearing pigtails.  I couldn't see  a leader with pigtails, so she is demoted, heh.  The one on the left gets cast as a rookie due to her gangsta pose.   At one pint I even considered modifiying the figure so she was holding the gun properly, but that would make the figure a near copy of the one I already have from SWAT Team Shadow.  So she stays as is, and is treated as an overzealous rookie.  

Mayhem Military
Over all I am satisfied with the way this crew came out.  The paintjob isn't my best, but if does the job.  
Thanks for reading, and as always, comments are appreciated.


  1. I really like them, a though group of soldiers!

  2. These are a very well armed bunch of hard asses, so I can see why you went with the military option instead of making them SWAT. I like your paintwork on them, especially the eyes.

  3. Very nice Adam, The scheme suits them. Agree with Vampifan the eyes are good!

  4. fantastic job, they all look great

  5. I agree with the rest Adam, very nice paint work, these guys are looking badass.