Welcome to my little corner of preparations for All Things Zombie. Here you'll find my progress of painting miniatures and preparing terrain, as well as any other little nerdiness that may sprout up. Enjoy, and please comment.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 19 (Studio Miniatures Priest)

Hello again.  Just another quick update for Zomtober.  This time we have the zombified priest from the same set as the bride previously featured in Zomtober.

So again I have painted a mostly white figure, drybrushing up from grey.   Wounds are minimal on the priest, and he may have fed a little as he has blood on his lips.  His hands however are clean, so he hasn't likely been ripping people apart.  As with all Studio Miniatures zeds, this guy is well sculpted.  I didn't want to mess him up too much, so I went with a few dabs of blood on areas where his clothes were torn.
So that is my fourth zed this month, and tomorrow I'll post my favourite.



  1. Great job, white came out very good!

  2. Very nice white there Adam. Lovely miniatures as well

  3. Studio Minis' zombies are such great sculpts and a real joy to paint.

  4. What a great looking figure!! Nice one Adam!

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