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Monday, 1 October 2012

Infecting Havensburg 15 (Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors)

Well for the first time in a long time I've managed to keep with a weekly posting.  It's nothing worth bragging about so let's jump right into this weeks content: Tiny Terrors from Studio Miniatures.  Zombie kids are still a little taboo.  Despite being a large part of the population, zombie children are rarely featured in zombie media.  Even The Walking Dead, has only featured 2 zombie kids that I can think of, and both were rather emotional to deal with.  And in keeping with that, Studio Miniatures has the only zombie kids on the market that I can think of, and they are some great ones.   Let's take a look.

Also worth noting with this set, I gave my first real whirl at painting with Foundry's Paint System triads.  I don't have a ton of colours yet, as what I bought was just trying the system out, but I liked the results.  I am bad at picking highlight colours, so with the Foundry System, this is made much easier, even if you do sometimes still need to mix some paints, you are at least guided in the right direction.
First up we have a little red haired boy dressed in yellow and brown.   He has some minor wounds to his belly and shoulder area, but nothing too major.  Next up is another little guy, who's highlighting I think came out really well.  Again, just minor wounds to the boy, but unlike the first, this one has been feeding. Next up we have a little girl with an eye wound, but not much else.  She stands very stiff, and I can picture some survivors coming around a corner to see her and being very creeped out!  The next girl in yellow is a bloody mess.  She definitely took some wounds in death, but has also been feeding quite well herself.  Sadly, she still clutches her doll from before her zombie days.   The next girl is in a pretty little dress, but also a bloody mess.  I like to think that she was shot in the chest, but too late to prevent her from being infected.   And the final boy has a few wounds of his own, including blood seeping into his eyes.  Doesn't slow him down (anymore than death has, anyway).

This is a pretty great set, and perfect for mixing up your zombie horde.  Just a few children peppered in a crowd of zombies will add a lot of diversity to the group, I think.  I'm going to attach a few closer up shots to the end of the blog.  As always comments are appreciated, and I hope to be back a week from today with another update.


  1. Nicely done Adam, I need to research the foundry system. Painting normal flesh is ok but I struggled when I first started doing undead. I kind of have my method now but I may move onto sci fi and it might prove useful for aliens etc.

    They look great zombie kids are creepy I think its weirder for parents to see zombie kids. It never bothered me until I had my own children. I re-watched Dawn of the Dead (2004) the other night and the beginning I found a bit weird with the little girl coming into the bedroom.

  2. Very nicely done Adam, there is something horrible about Z children, I've just painted some up myself, they're quite disturbing.

  3. That's a great looking set. There are other zombie children on the market, but they are few and far between.

  4. For some reason, zombie children never freak me out. As Zabadak said, there are other companies who make zombie children - Mega Minis spring readily to mind. If you think about it logically there should be far more zombie kids on the market as they are not going to be able to defend themselves that well once the outbreak starts.

  5. Nice to see those painted!
    When I first saw them and mantic-hasslefree's box of "apocalypse kids" I want to make a playground battle where small kids (and occasional granny nanny) fight undead evils for the control of the swings and sandboxes!

  6. Very good paintjob and quite a creeping hordes...

    School is much more frightening now...

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