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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 12 (Victory Force Zombies)

Just a quick update here with some more Victory Force zombies on display as I felt I needed to update as I was neglecting a bit.  While I have been a bit slow to update, I have actually been getting a lot of progress done.  I have many buildings ready, and in the past two weeks have started getting vehicles on the board.I counted them up today and realized I had 26 completely assembled from WWG's Police and Traffic sets, with another 5 just needing wheels attached and about 8 more printed but not yet assembled.  On top of that I've started paint up my 5 Police figures from Tactical Miniatures Big City PD.   And today I received my Studio Miniatures order of 2 Zombie Mobs, the Zombie Police, Tiny Terrors and the doomed Wedding Party.  So lots to keep me busy. 
Anyway, here are this week's display zeds:

Nothing spectacular I know, but the horde is building up nicely.   I am very close to game time, actually sat down to do a bit of practice and rule learning, but felt got distracted.  This weekend I hope to get to it.  
I won't be able to comment on blogs for the next few days, as I will be in cottage territory with no net access (that's a good think, I think).  I will check in on everyone's posts when I return, Friday.

Thanks for reading, and comments are always appreciated.


  1. You're getting there and it will be nice to see the batrep on the game when you have it. Nice figures and have a wonderful time away.

  2. Good looking z's.
    It does sound like your're on the brink of setting off with all the rest of the other stuff you need nearly done.
    Good luck when you do start

  3. Nice looking Zeds. I hope you have a great time at the cottage. I'm looking forward to seeing all the work you did.

  4. Don't forget you can play even if you don't have them all painted, hehe

    Have fun on vacation! Or is it workation?

  5. Nice zeds mate, I can see the project coming to a head and bearing fruit well done Adam.

    Enjoy the break? Its good to get away for abit

  6. Looking good, keep it up.

  7. You're making fine progress, Adam. Keep up the good work and you'll soon be ready to get started. Enjoy your time away and come back with your batteries fully recharged.

  8. Very nice painted zombies!


  9. Well done! This is good looking progress mate.

  10. You know, when they are turned about like the second photo... It could be me and my friends after a few beers and needing a pee.