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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Infecting Havensburgh 23 (Studio Miniatures Zombie Mob 8)

More great Studio Miniatures Zombies to look at in today's update.  These zeds come from Zombie Mob 8, and they're pretty fantastic.

Starting on the left we have a young blond zombie.  Her legs are covered in wounds, perhaps from before her infection  but other than that she is rather clean.  Next up is a lady in a party dress.  Originally, I was just going for a random pattern on her dress, but the first mark came out like a star, so I went with it.  Again, a few wounds on her legs, and a scratch on her arm, but not overly bloodied.  Third up is a black zombie, a business casual presence complete with purse still in her undead grasp.  Perhaps my favourite pose of the 3 females, her out stretched arm seems very zombie like.   

On with the male zombies, we strat with a middle aged black zed.  He has a bit of an of balance swagger pose.  Quite a bit of blood stained on his shirt, and his mouth is a mess from a recent feeding.  Great sculpt.  Next up is a bit of an oddly styled zombie.  Bearded with long rockstar hair, he is dressed in a sports coat with blue jeans.  More interesting is the vicious belly wound complete with intestines exposed!  Gross.  Definitely not a zombie you want to see on your first day of the apocalypse, you need to build up to zombies this gross.  Next up we have what I can assume was a homeless man before his infection.  Dressed in a torn coat and jeans, he is using a rope for a belt.  His arm is exposed to the bone indicating that he was likely fed upon a bit before his conversion.   Fourth in line is a business man in a pale brown suit.  I like the way his colours came out.  He is mostly unbloodied, would make a good Day 1 zombie.  And the final zed has been featured in this blog before as part of Zomtober.  While I stated then I was not a huge fan of his pose, I AM fond of his exposed brain.  Very nice.

As expected, these are all top notch zombies from a well respected company.  I'm happy with how they all came out, though perhaps they aren't bloodied enough.  I think I just don't like covering their great detail with gore! 


  1. I love the party dress. Great work Adam.

  2. I love all the studio miniatures, but they would be ruined by my painting skills

  3. Nice paint jobs on a great set of figures.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Shintokamikaze, you should consider giving them a shot. At least their plastics, that way they don't cost as much if you aren't happy with the paint job.

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