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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Populating Mayhem City 03 - The Doctor (Foundry Proffessional)

Welcome back readers.   Last week we looked at a Foundry Proffessional unit that was used as a Detective rather than the hired killer that Foundry had labelled him.  I mentioned that the next post would be a little more of the same.  So here he is:

The doctor is IN.
Looking at the variety of figures available I figured there would be no shortage of tough looking men, well armed and dressed in trenchcoats.  So rather than paint them all as such, I decided to stray a bit from the beaten path and get a shotgun totting doctor.

Cure for zombies?  Take two shells and a glass of water.

Unlike Detective Talhart, I haven't settled on a name for this guy yet, so he is just referred to as The Doctor.  If he comes up in games, I can create a last name for him, but as of yet, nothing has stuck.  With Talhart, I based it slightly off of his Foundry name.  But this figure's name is Bohunk, which I was unfamiliar with.  A quick google informed me that this is a bit of a derogatory term, so I opted not to use it.

Names aside, I think he'll fit nicely into a variety of situations.  Of course in ATZ he will play a surviving doctor, generally a good person.  But he could easily be a personal caregiver to a crime lord, a psychologist at a mental institute or a research scientist for some government experiment.

Don't get blood on my coat.

Painting so much of the figure white, it left me feeling like it was a little incomplete.   The black lining helped I think, and it was the first time I'd used that technique I think.  For the coat, I started with Space Wolf Grey, and then worked up to Skull White.  I'm satisfied with it.   I also decided to give The Doctor a purple sweater.   I feel that not a lot of tough guys will wear purple sweaters.  The Doctor is not starting out as a tough guy, though he may be one by the end of things.

Intense stare down.
The final item I'd like to bring attention to are the Doctor's eyes.   I was quite proud at how well they came out.  They are a little intense looking, but I think they are possibly the best eyes I have ever painted.  That's not saying much though, because I've mostly painted pretty awful eyes.  Hopefully I can keep this up.

So that is the the Doctor, the second of "The Proffessionals" from Foundry to not wind up as a ganger.  There's five in the set, so at least two will be the thugs they were meant to be.  So until the next update, which will have multiple figures, thanks for reading.


  1. He looks great, the eyes are the best so far i'm jealous :p

  2. What a great idea to turn his trenchcoat into a labcoat and turn him into a doctor. That's inspired thinking! The paint job is very nice and the eyes have come out really well. Definitely a figure to be proud of, Adam!

  3. Nice work adam, he has definately got the 1000 yard stare...good work

  4. he looks cool, nice white jacket, that shotgun is gonna bring a lot of zed around

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. The Doctor was a success!

  6. Oh, what a simple but clever idea to turn one of those trenchies into a doctor. It took me so long to hunt down some miniatures for doctors & parameds...and could have used some of my Foundry minis instead. Very good.

    You are sure you just started painting?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  7. To be honest, I first started painting about 2 years ago. But in the span of that years, I only painted a few figures. Mostly, I didn't really own much that needed painting. I recently made my lead purchases to start ATZ, so that's what you're seeing.

    I did spend a lot of the past 2 years watching painting tutorials on youtube, and reading online. So I have a good base, and idea what to do, but not always the skills to implement it.

    Thanks for commenting.

  8. Great job on the eyes, you should indeed be proud of them!