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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Populating Mayhem City 02 - Detective Talhart (Foundry Proffessional)

Welcome to the latest addition to the Mayhem City Police.
Zombies beware.

Well, I say latest edition, but in actuality I picture this guy as a bit of a grizzled veteran of the force.  A well respected cop that isn't above pistol whipping a suspected murderer in order to get results. I've given him the name Detective Talhart.  This is the first time I've named of my figure and I've done it for a few reasons.   First being, unlike the SWAT Team in my last entry, I actually picture this guy as a potential character I'd like to see join my group in ATZ.  Heck, I could even see him as a starting character as I learn the rules in a few practice plays.     The figure has a lot of character, and I've grown quite attached to it.  I feel he has taken on a life of his own.

"Detective Talhart.  Homicide."
The name Detective Talhart (I haven't settled on a first name, and probably won't) came to me in a few ways. This figure's name according to Wargames Foundry is Tall Boy.  Well that was obviously no good, but I figured I could work with it by keeping the 'Tall" and dropping the "Boy".  In addition to miniatures and gaming, I am a huge nerd for George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series (or A Game of Thrones to those who know it as the HBO miniseries).  In that series there is a minor family (minor in comparison to the main few) in the North known as the Tallhearts.  I liked the name, and thought it fit in a modern setting (with a slight spelling change, for no reason).

"I am the law."
Detective Talhart, or Tall Boy as Foundry has labelled him is not even a police figure in reality.   Quite the opposite actually, as Foundry has him in a set labelled The Proffessionals (sic).  The Proffessionals appear to be a set of killers for hire, or at least mobsters of some sort.  I like him better this way, and now I have a figure that can fill the role of a police officer armed with a shotgun.

"The Zombie Apocalypse will only add more grey hairs, I fear."
I hope you guys like the Detective, and I am always open to criticisms.  I am a very novice painter, but I rather satisfied with how this one game out.  His eyes look a little buggy in these close ups, but they are among my better eye paintjobs, and look quite good at a gaming distance, I think. I appreciate all comments.

Until next time, thank you.
"Alright boys, spread out and secure the area."


  1. He looks great. The fluff is good to. The proffessionals is a set I have in my list to get at somepoint if i remember they are all armed with shotguns more or less.

    The eyes look fine. I really struggle so i know how hard they to paint.

    Keep up the good work Adam

  2. The proffessionals was one of the first sets to catch my eye from Foundry. They are all well armed, with three carrying shotguns, one posing with a highpower assault rifle at eye level and the last fellow with a silenced MP5K shooting from the hip.

    A couple of them will make it onto my table as criminals, but I thought I'd have some fun creating more of a story for some of the others.
    Next blog post will feature another Proffessional painted into another archetype role.

  3. This is a nicely posed figure and I see no reason not to use him as a detective. He certainly looks the part. I like naming my own minis. It helps bring the figure to life if you name it, otherwise, it's just a nameless mook waiting to get slaughtered.

    Totally unrelated, but I like the background you've used for your blog.

  4. Thank you Zombie Ad, and thanks for following.

    Thanks for coming by as well Bryan. I think I will name a good amount of my figures if I see them in character roles. Others those (like the SWAT Team) will be used in multiple roles, as police units are needed. They will likely get a quick name at the time of the usage (ie. Officer Smith) but that name won't necessarily stick for each use.

    I like the pic I used as well. It was just a background template supplied by blogger.com. I searched for a while before settling on one I liked. Glad others like it to0.

  5. Really nice work on Tallhart - I like the background to your choice of name for him! I work in a callcentre and have a notepad in which I write interesting names for later writing/gaming use :) looking forward to more!

  6. Thanks Chris. That is a good strategy for creating names for figures. The key is to have something that sounds unique without being too fake. I really didn't want this guy to be Detective Smith or Johnson. Nor did I want him to be overly fake like Detective Wolfgang Bloodcutter, heh.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. very nice, i like the swat set, i think ill get that in my next order

  8. I think they look good, I've been running Zombies games at Dexcon in New Jersey for sometime now. It's a fun game to run, here's a few of my blog posts!



  9. Thanks for the links slobberblood. There's one thing I've always enjoyed about gaming and the internet; and that is looking at pictures of other people's battle reports.
    You are a brave man working on your own ruleset. Best of luck to you, I do not have the skill or the patience for that. The closest I come is working on rules for a map based campaign in Flying Lead.

    Thanks again for the comment.