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Thursday, 18 August 2011


Since hearing of All Things Zombie, and seeing the community of great bloggers (not just of ATZ, but of miniatures and hobbies in general) I have decided to step into the madness myself.  And since I already had one blog follower before having even a blog post (thanks Brummie) I figured it was time.

So here's a quick introduction.  I am Adam, married 32 year old father of two.  I was only relatively recently introduced to the miniature gaming world about 4 years ago when we purchased Heroscape for my eldest son as a Christmas gift.  That is a mini skirmish game with pre painted miniatures, but it opened the doors for me to look for other games, and other minis.  I'm not much of a painter, but I try.

Heroscape: My entrance to this crazy world

So that brings me up to now.  For a long time I'd been tossing around picking up different rulesets.  Unlike most minigamers, I've never played Warhammer or Warhammer 40K.  I prefer cheaper rulesets (and more flexible from what I hear).  Recently I discovered All Things Zombie.  A lot of things about this ruleset appeal to me.  Using any minis I like is good.  And being able to play solo is even better.  I have a good group of people I can play games with, but we already play many games.  Convincing them to play something like this may be hard at first.  And sometimes, you just can't find another gamer.  Being able to play solo is what I'm most excited about playing ATZ.  There's a lot of games out there that let you play both sides, but I'm not familiar with many that have the opposing forces automated by the ruleset.

Too many rules, I'd never know them all, let alone teach someone else.

Well that was my intro.  This blog entry was entitled "Scratch...".  Because that's where I am.  Allow me to explain:  years ago I saw an old (and lousy) Jennifer Lopez movie called Angel Eyes.  

This is a scene from Angel Eyes.  It's probably the best scene.

I don't really recall the premise of the film, but there was a fellow in it who lost his wife, and was struggling with moving on.  Eventually J-lo made her way to his apartment which contained little more than a mattress on the floor.  He had nothing.  He described this as being "scratch" when you start from scratch.  And this is where I am for ATZ.  Upon until a week or so ago, I didn't own a single lead miniature nor have a piece of terrain.  Thanks to World Works Games and a Foundry Wargames sale both of those issues are slowly changing.  So it will be a good long while before you see a battle report on this blog, but hopefuly, I will be able to post regular updates as I build and popular Mayhem City.

Thanks for listening,


  1. Hello Good to see you finally put up your first post. :o) Can't wait to see more updates.

    Don't worry about not having played Warhammer or 40k they aren't that hard a ruleset.

    I haven't played them since there second edition and they where a lot more complicated then.

    Good to see you've joined us all.

  2. Thanks for the comment Brummie, and thanks for being a follower.
    I hope to have another post up in the next day or so displaying the first inhabitants of Mayhem City. Really struggling with the photography part of this.

  3. Photography really bums me out. I always seems to spot something i've missed when I think its finished. grrr Keep at it tho