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Tuesday 3 September 2013

Infecting Havensburgh 25 (Studio Miniatures Plastics)

Man, it took me a while to get this guys up, especially considering they are not all that well done.  But anyway, here they are.  I was part of the Studio Miniatures Plastic Indigogo campaign last year, and so I have a ton of these guys to go through.  This was my first set, and I knew immediately what I was going to do: make undead criminals.  It's a good niche that hasn't really been filled on the market, and something that could fit into many ATZ scenarios.    My regret is that I wasn't consistent on whether the uniforms should be long or short sleeved.   I'll have to live with that mistak. I started with 7, but I can easily add more.

Anyway, there's not much to add, but here they are!

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Infecting Havensburgh 24 (Studio Miniatures Zombies)

Well, it certainly has been a while.  Apologies for my absense.   Last time I posted (in January...how has it been so long) I was in a bit of a different place.  I had been unemployed for nearly half a year at that point, and was trying to distract myself from it by keeping busy with house work and renovations, leaving little time for the blog.  Things have changed and I am happily employed again, but my work hours have changed with a longer commute, leaving me a little busier than before, and I still don't find nearly as much hobby time as I'd like.

Regardless, I have finished up a few zombies, so lets take a look at them.

First off, upon taking pictures I realized these zeds weren't quit finished.  I still have to add a dot of bleached bone to the eyes.  I'll get that done tonight or tomorrow.  But other than that, I'm quite happy.  First up we have a male zed in formal wear.   He's taken a few wounds to the chest that could actually be recent.  His body is wrenched in a fashion that makes it look almost like an action pose.  You can just imagine him being show in the shoulder area, but still advancing.  Nice sculpt.
Next up is the gruesomely wounded man in yellow.  Still armed with the weaponry he had in his possession when he turned (I assume) this gent's insides are half outside.  A very disgusting chest wound, along with a hunk of flesh in the mouth make this one of my favourite zombies in the set, and perhaps a top five of all Studio Miniatures zeds.
Next up is and old hobo zombie, I believe.  Perhaps he was just an old man with poor fashion sense.  Either way, that doesn't matter much know.  It looks like his most recent meal may have put up quite a fight, severing his right arm and then driving a sword down through his shoulder area.   I don't love the miniature and it all comes down to the angle that the sword stabbed him.  It doesn't seem likely for a survivor facing a zed, I'd prefer if the sword were stabbed directly through the old zed.  Unfortunately, that probably would be too difficult to cast.   Ah well, he's alright as it is.
Fourth zed was caught with his pants down....or off completely.  Perhaps just out of the shower on the morning of the outbreak (as he has a coffee cup in his hand) is the zombie with the least dignity.  No, not because he's genitals are exposed but because he is wearing yellow bunny slippers.  Another good, original zombie.

Starting from the left again we have the half man.  He is a great sculpt of a zed that's been ripped in half, but still persistently searches for food. I've bloodied up the ground around him quite a bit making it looks like he's already travelled over some of the pavement.  Looking at this picture maps me think his back could use some more blood.  Following him is a fiery red head that looks like she is in the middle of a lunge.  I really like that there is a wound on her arm that has been bandaged.  I treated this as though it were the bite that infected her and put a little blood on it.  Great detail for a zombie.
Next up is a business woman with a lean.  I'm pretty certain I bent her ankle when attaching the base.  I'm okay with it though, it looks as though her ankle is broken.  Average sculpt by Studio standards.   And the final zed look s bit more youthful and casual in dress, but it didn't save her from the infection.  Another average sculpt, again only when comparing to Studio's above average standard.

I'm a fan of Studio in general and this set was no disappointment.    Hopefully there are still readers out there interested.  I'll try not to take as long to post again...

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Infecting Havensburgh 23 (Studio Miniatures Zombie Mob 8)

More great Studio Miniatures Zombies to look at in today's update.  These zeds come from Zombie Mob 8, and they're pretty fantastic.

Starting on the left we have a young blond zombie.  Her legs are covered in wounds, perhaps from before her infection  but other than that she is rather clean.  Next up is a lady in a party dress.  Originally, I was just going for a random pattern on her dress, but the first mark came out like a star, so I went with it.  Again, a few wounds on her legs, and a scratch on her arm, but not overly bloodied.  Third up is a black zombie, a business casual presence complete with purse still in her undead grasp.  Perhaps my favourite pose of the 3 females, her out stretched arm seems very zombie like.   

On with the male zombies, we strat with a middle aged black zed.  He has a bit of an of balance swagger pose.  Quite a bit of blood stained on his shirt, and his mouth is a mess from a recent feeding.  Great sculpt.  Next up is a bit of an oddly styled zombie.  Bearded with long rockstar hair, he is dressed in a sports coat with blue jeans.  More interesting is the vicious belly wound complete with intestines exposed!  Gross.  Definitely not a zombie you want to see on your first day of the apocalypse, you need to build up to zombies this gross.  Next up we have what I can assume was a homeless man before his infection.  Dressed in a torn coat and jeans, he is using a rope for a belt.  His arm is exposed to the bone indicating that he was likely fed upon a bit before his conversion.   Fourth in line is a business man in a pale brown suit.  I like the way his colours came out.  He is mostly unbloodied, would make a good Day 1 zombie.  And the final zed has been featured in this blog before as part of Zomtober.  While I stated then I was not a huge fan of his pose, I AM fond of his exposed brain.  Very nice.

As expected, these are all top notch zombies from a well respected company.  I'm happy with how they all came out, though perhaps they aren't bloodied enough.  I think I just don't like covering their great detail with gore! 

Saturday 29 December 2012

Populating Havensburgh 21 ( Clearco's Survivors)

Much like last year I virtually disappeared from the blogosphere for the Christmas holidays.  I  did pop in once in a while to try to read some of your posts, and even comment from time to time, but it wasn't as much as I would have liked.   To make up for it I have a bit of a unique post this week.  So unique, in that I believe at this point only the sculptor and myself have copies of.  If you're interested, check out this thread on Lead Adventure, as he has mentioned that he will be selling them in the new year.  Clearco created these to have some more commonly sized women for a horror style game.  I thought they'd make great zombie survivors (I've armed most of mine with guns rather than the melee weapons Clearco intended).  I'm a big fan of variety in body sizes in miniature, especially since most female figures are shaped like barbies and more often than not dressed like whores.   So here they are:

None of these girls have been named yet, so I'll just start on the left.  One of the figures I kept armed with a melee weapon (the post demanded it).  So she may still be dressed a little revealing, but she looks very believable as an average woman.  She has confidence with the pipe resting on her shoulder.  She could be a regular girl, or a tough as nails gangsta.  Note the Jamaican flag painted on her top, I like how that came out.
Next up is a hot blonde armed with two pistols (one which looks larger calibre).  The original version was armed with two hammers, but I prefer the pistols.
Next up, an axe wielding chick.  I copied the yellow shirt and black hair from Clearco's demo versions as I liked how they looked.  The axe is also a common Zombie fighting weapon, so I left her with that. 
Fourth up is the only of the group that is truly fat, but she doesn't seem to care, given the way she is dressed. I painted her with a Hispanic skin tone that I think came out well, especially considering it was my first attempt at it.  Her pose is a little awkward since she I supposed to be propping up a shovel in Clearco's version.  But as she is she works well as either an overly confident chick who isn't even looking at her intended target, and she'd be perfect in a hostage scenario.  
The next curvy babe is a favourite of mine as Clearco sculpted her on my request.  Very cool considering most sculptors will charge you $200 for that sort of service.  She is a business woman or high class gangster. advancing slowly with a pistol.   I am still tossing around the idea of putting another weapon in her left hand, but am not certain.  I do like how her glasses came out.
The last girl isn't curvy at all, but still pretty cool.  I'm not happy at all with how her legs came out (I was going for nylons, but they look too blotchy).  I love her pose however, they away she has her fingers is great.  She looks like she is very confident in her abilities.  I even went so far as to paint her nails as so much attention was drawn to them.  
Something I'm also fond of in my painting of these girls, is the three variations of blond.  I used quite different methods, and think they came out pretty good.


So there you have it, quite a unique set of ladies for any modern scenario.  Check out the thread I linked to above if you're interested in picking them up.
Comments are always appreciated.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Populating Havensburgh 20 (Hasslefree Miniatures Tony (b))

Just a single figure this week, but its a good one, Tony (b) from Hasslefree.  Hasslefree miniatures are known for being a cut above the competition, so its fair that I'll review them on their own I think.  Also this figure is almost certain to be featured in my eventual campaign as he is a close representation of one of my closest friends.   He's the type of friend that I wouldn't be all that surprised to find out that he had all this gear on hand "just in case".


So Tony (b) is armed with a couple of Mac-10s.  Incidentally this is my least favourite Hasslefree weapon.   They look a little too SciFi for me, and are quite oversized for a sub machinegun.  Oh well, they are also passable as large calibre pistols I guess.  He is also decked out in body armour and many extra clips of ammo.   I'm pretty happy with the paintjob over all, except for the camo on the pants.  I copied a simple camo technique from the Foundry Painting Guide, and while it was simple and looks passable, I'm not completely sold on the white dots.  I won't be changing it now, but I doubt I'll use it again.

I just wanted to show a close up of the glasses, as they do transition from white to blue, though it was tough to get this to show in pics.  Now that I have a pic this close, I wish I had thinned the paints out more!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 22 (Studio Miniatures Mob 7)

A bit late this week but I make up for it with a pretty substantial update.  We've got 8 zeds this week, from Studio Miniatures.    This is their seventh mob, but I didn't buy them in order.  I jumped right to 7 because of the poses in this one had a lot of character. 

First up we have a female zombie.  Likely an office worker or something along those lines (though the skirt is a little short).  This girl has lost her left arm from the elbow down, staining her side with blood.  Her other hand is rather mangled as well.  She has not faired too well.  Next up is a woman in a blue dress, with an overcoat.  All the variations of blue you see on my figures these days are Tomb Blue from Foundry.  I really like that set.   Anyway, this zombie isn't that messy, except for a lot of blood on her legs.  I assume they got cut and scratched when she was fleeing the undead.    Third up is my favourite female in this set.   Larger than the first two, she is decked out in pink athletic suit.  Not sure if it was being used, or clearly for fashion.  After seeing these figures on Vampifans's blog, I was informed this figure is likely based off of a character of a British skit show, but I'm not familiar with it.   She is quite bloodied with almost no skin left on her face, and various seeping wounds bleeding through her clothes.   And on the end, the first male of the group, the biker.  This biker has lost both hands perhaps making him seem like less of a threat, but he is still quite a biter.   I don't own any other bikers yet, but I'm sure one day I will.  When I do, this guy will certainly be a zombie used to represent a recently deceased biker from that gang.   I put some effort into painting flames on his bandanna that I think came out well.

Next up, on the far left is a heavy set zombie that's I've painted with African American Flesh.  He wears a thick red coat over a button up shirt.   There were several holes sculpted in the shirt that I've bloodied up as gun shots.   I really like this pose, as it looks as though he just heard a survivor make a noise, and is beginning to move in that direction.   Next up is an office worker that probably survived for a while before becoming a zombie himself.  He has bandages covering wounds on both his head and his wrist.  He also lacks skin on his right arm from the elbow down, so someone has been feasting on him.  Another office worker up next, this time in a pink shirt, which I am fond of how it came out.  I like this guy's pose as he is demonstrating the popular zombie walk of dragging one's leg behind.  And the final zombie looks like a younger male.  His torso is a mess of wounds, but his head is unscathed.   The pose is a bit weird as it looks like a confused survivor, but I still find it a charming piece.  H Is hair is a very yellow blond as I was trying different hair techniques.

Hope you enjoyed the Studio Miniatures Zombie Mob 7.  I would highly recommend them to anyone creating a zombie horde, they are among the best zeds on the market.
Comments are always appreciated.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 21 (Studio Miniatures Til Death Do Us Part)

Today I'll be showing off a set of Studio Miniatures Zombies, though unfortunately only a single miniature will be completely new to the blog.  The Til Death Do Us Part set comes with two children, a Priest, a Bride and a Groom.  I displayed the Bridge and Priest as part of Zomtober's pledge to paint a zombie a week.  And the children are the same sculpts included in the Tiny Terrors set already featured in this blog.  I was a little disappointed to realize they were the same sculpts, but in the end, I like having more children zombies so I don't mind that much.  The only all new sculpt featured today is the Groom, and he's a pretty good one.

With the children, I went with a pink paint scheme that matches the accents on the bride and groom.  The boy (a ring bearer perhaps) is also blond to match the bride.  He is likely a nephew or younger brother.  Not much new to say about these kids.  They are great sculpts, and add to the creepiness of the zombie threat.   Then in the middle we have the groom.  I love the stance he is in, and the spread of his legs.   Like the drunken walk of a not so sturdy zombie.  He won't be running after anyone.   Bride and Priest have already had their own posts, but it is still worth noting what great sculpts they are.   
Another highly recommended set from Studio Miniatures.  Comments are always appreciated.