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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Populating Mayhem City 01 - SWAT Team Shadow

When the Zombie Apocalypse begins, and people still don't realize what's going on it will just be a matter of time before the local police are overwhelmed, and the SWAT team is called in for the 'situations'.  They probably won't know what they're headed into, but they'll be better equipped than the average cop on the beat.

My first post on populating Mayhem is the made up of SWAT Team Shadow from Foundry Wargames Street Violence line.

These guys will be adding to the violence on the street.

If you're familiar with Foundry's line then you'll realize right away that I painted these guys up more like SWAT Team Takedown rather than SWAT Team Shadow.  On the website, these guys are painted virtually all in black and grey.  I went with this more generic SWAT team colour scheme because I liked this poses best out of all the SWAT Teams offered by Foundry and wanted them to resemble the most common look of SWAT teams

While in my intro I mentioned that these guys would get called in after the local police were overwhelmed, as it stands, they are the only police figures I own at this point.  And for economics sake, I would have no problem fielding these guys everytime a police officer figure is required in All Things Zombie.   Eventually I will likely get some regular cops from Copplestone, but for now, these will fill all policing roles.

These first two make up the lightest armed of my SWAT crew.   To be honest, the fellow on the right has a nice assault rifle slung over his shoulder, but is holding only a lighter pistol.   I will have to assume he is in close quarters, or has already burned through all his ammo.   I'm a pretty big fan of the MP5K style weapon the guy on the left has, even if his pose is rather un-police like.  

These two SWAT members are armed a little better.  They're both still carrying what would be qualified as submachine guns I believe.  But once again, as an economic gamer, I would have no probably calling those assault rifles if needed.  The guy on the right is the only one of the pack actually wearing his goggles.  Not sure if that makes his chances of survival any better.

The last man of the group is the heavy gunner.  I'm not sure I've heaver heard of a SWAT team member armed like this, but I don't mind as it adds some character.  The bullets slung over his shoulder are a nice touch.  None of my SWAT members are armed with a shotgun, a staple in the Zombie defense plan, so if need be, I wouldn't mind pretending that is how this guy is armed until I get more SWAT units.

Well this is my first real post, and I must apologize for the less than stellar pictures.  I'm still learning there.  (I wish I could get all the pics to have come out like the group shot from behind.)  I appreciate all comments, and thanks for listening.


  1. Very nice. I wouldn't of considered getting these until i saw them painted the way you have done.

    Keep up the good work looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks. Foundry has a lot of SWAT to choose from, but I like the standard SWAT paintjob best. I've got SWAT Team Alpha as well, but I don't think I'll paint them as SWAT. A military paintjob migh tbe what is in store for them. Or perhaps just a grey/black combo that could probably cover both SWAT or Military as a night uniform.

  3. Hi and welcome to the world of zombie blogs, Adam. First of all, your photos aren't that bad. Believe me, I've seen a lot worse. One thing to point out to you about the figure at the left of your first photo, he is not male, he is a "she!" It may be hard to tell under that flak vest and armour but she is definitely female! I like these figures a lot and I'm rather surprised I haven't reviewed my own yet.

  4. Thanks for coming by and commenting Bryan.
    You did mention your SWAT collection a few weeks ago, and it left me intrigued to see yours painted up. Hopefully its not too far down the road.

    As for gender mix up, I was aware that Foundry had used a similar shaped figure in SWAT Team Alpha as a female. That combined with the fact that the figure is much slighter than the others, I should have immediately identified it as female. I don't know why I didn't, but I'll make sure to have the gender references corrected when the team is facing the zombie onslaught!