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Monday, 5 March 2012

Populating Mayhem City 18 (The Assault Group Russian Mafia)

This week I'll be showing off my most recent trio of figures, and they'll be from a bit of a different line of figures.   The Assault Group make a lot of miniatures covering modern and historical warfare, but not many of them have been used in the Zombie Apocalypse setting, so far as I have seen.  I liked the look of a few sets in the Organize Crime line, so I grabbed a set.   They are a little smaller in scale compared to most of my other figures, but not so much that it becomes an issue on the board.  I bought a set of four, but for some reason only primed 3 at once, and so only 3 got painted.  I'm unsure of whether or not the fourth will wind up in the same scheme or not.

These three got painted up in somewhat of a military styling, with camouflage pants, but I picture them as being more of an eccentric militia than official military.   These guys might make great saviours or wind up being just as much a threat as the walking dead.  All three are armed with the sub machinegun version of the AK74.  I really wanted figures armed with AK47s, but there are just not simple to find.  (The Assuault Group does have several, but none with the look I was hoping for.)


Each of these three has a nice amount of character, but I have not named any of them (yet).   On the far left is an older militia member.  His grey beard indicates that he's been around a while, and I like to think that he's been in a milita for most of his adult years.   He's been prepared for the communist invasion for as long as he can remember, and probably feels he is well suited to be a leader as the zombie uprising begins.   
Next up with the blond flowing locks is the figure I've been calling Fabio so far.  The name may not stick.  At a first glance this guy looks like he may be too pretty to be in a milita, but the way he holds his machine gun makes up the first glance opinions.   
Last in the line is the headbanded fellow, wearing a long sleeve shirt.  He is in a pretty nice crouched position in order to better target the zombies.     I was a pretty big fan of all three of these sculpts, especially with how aggressively each is posed.  I tend to enjoy figures who are aiming their weapons moreso than those who are just carrying them, and so of course I like this set.  In fact, the reason I picked them up was because I was considering doing a headswap on the Fabio character and using him as my main character for ATZ.    When the time came however, I liked the figure too much to do so.

Hope you enjoyed the trio, all comments are appreciated.


  1. I agree that these work well as mercenary soldiers. They're ideal for the lawlessness of a zombie-infected world. Nicely painted.

  2. Great job on those!
    Just a note on the weapon, it is an assault rifle, just as ak-47, but has folding stock and shorter barrel. So, regarding the size and its actual caliber, you could use them as SMG or assault rifles and it would still look just as cool :)

  3. Ex-Spetsnaz looking types, they turned out really good my friend....

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, it is appreciated.

    @Mathyoo I have a very limited knowledge of weapons, and probably should have googled the AK74SU before dubbing it a submachine gun. It just looked so much smaller that I thought that must be the difference. Glad to know it could be easily used as an assault rifle when needed though.

  5. Great job on these. I like your paint scheme and these are very dynamic minis. I also prefer a firing position.

  6. Nicely Done Adam, Could always paint the fourth member in civvie clothes. I like the Delta Force in Civilian clothing as well. Especially the one in shorts.

  7. Great painting the one with the glasses is cool!!!

  8. Thanks again guys.

    @Vampifan Thanks, I like the idea of redneckish militia in the zombie apocalypse who are just as dangerous as the undead. I'm almost certain that is where these guys will get their most use.

    @Angry Lurker Ex-Spetsnaz is likely the intent of these guys. They're deadly that's for sure.

    @LuckyJoe There is nothing better than the firing miniature in my opinion. Sure for dioramas the occassional "walking pose" and "standing without aiming weapon" poses are fine, but I'll take firing pose (90% of the time.)

    @Zombie Ad Thanks friend

    @Brummie Yes, the fourth will likely get a regular civilian clothing paintjob. He is in the aforemention 'running pose', so I've got some ideas for him. There are tons of great minis on TAG, those Deltas included. I also like the masked guys in the organized crime set.

    @Ray Thanks Ray, I am rather proud of how the glasses came out.

  9. Fabio... What a beautiful name.... But I always had pictured Fabios with dark short hairs (not many), googles and a goatie... Who knows Why?? ;P

    Talking about TAG miniatures, I've purchased the shotgun toting mercenaries you may found in the African theatre, go give a look, you may found what you're looking for.. ;)

  10. Nice work on these, Adam. I like the TAG figures and you've done a great job painting these. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

  11. Nice Job on these, they'll fit right in to a zombie apocolypse.

  12. Thanks again guys.

    @Gnotta Those African's look suspiciously like these Russians but with Shotguns. Could be cool to grab them and then be able to use these guys with a variety of weapons. Maybe convert one to a pistol too.

    @Ironmonk Thanks, I hope to be able to show these guys in action sooner than later, but as of yet, I have no city to fight in.

    @The Extraordinarii Thanks, I think they'll fit in nicely as well. But also think they could fit in other rulesets, like a near future warfare if needed.

  13. Excellent painted figures, and I agree about the glasses!


  14. I like them, just the look out for the scratch of the bases, they can ruin an otherwise fine job!