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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Infecting Mayhem City 06 (Victory Force Zombies)

I know the updates have slowed down a little bit, and it isn't due to any particular business in my like (other than Skyrim) but more so due to that fact that I didn't have anything painted.    I've slowed down in that front, but did manage to get a few more zombies for the horde painted.  There's not a ton to note about them, but they do expand the horde.

Starting to notice some similar heads on the Victory Force zombies in the pack of 50 that I got.  Not a big deal to me, as different hair colour is enough to make them look different.   The first two in this crew are pretty standard zombies.   The first fella only has a wound on his leg, but I painted up some gore around his mouth and on his hand, so he's been feeding.    The second has not been feeding, and has a significant wound on his stomach area (sorry it is so dark).

The following two zombies have a bit more character, as one is missing an arm, and the other has a peg leg, quite unique in the zombie world I think.   I like to use light or white shirts on zombies when I can get away with it, as they look great when covered with blood.  So of course the zombie that lost an arm is a perfect candidate for this.   Peg leg is covered in gore as well, and I really like his face.  It is thin and sickly, but looks a little mean and evil as well, kinda like Ray Liotta.

Hope you like the expansion to the horde.  All comments are always appreciated.


  1. Like what you have done, and yes the Peg leg is very unique, are you going to give him a movement penalty ?

  2. Look good Adam. How random to have a pegleg though!

  3. Peg leg can stand on fallen survivors and keep them for the rest of the zombies, good work by the way....

  4. Thanks guys. I hadn't thought about a movement penalty, but not sure I will implement one since the zombies tend to be a little slow anyway. Besides, a peg leg shouldn't slow him down any more than the mangled legs we see on many zombies.

  5. Good work, Adam. You're right about the peg leg on your zombie. It shouldn't slow him down any more than any other zombies with severe leg wounds. Besides which, it smacks of too much bookkeeping having zombies move at different rates. You may justify it for crawlers but not for someone like peg leg.

  6. Definitely the first pegleg zombie I've seen...nice one!!

  7. White works best for blood, but yellow, pale blue and grey can help if you don't want everythgin to look white.

  8. Peg legs are rare, even in 1/72, so that is a very good figure. They all look good. Nice addition to your zombies!