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Monday, 22 October 2012

Infecting Havensburgh 17 (Victory Force Zombie)

Argh, a week behind again.
Bad news is: I'm a week behind posting for Zomtober.  The good news is that I've completed painting all 5 zombies for Zomtober.  It was the photographing them that was holding me back.  To make up for it, I shall attempt to post twice this week (I was keen and did all of the picture taking tonight).  My goals for Zomtober was to try to pick a few unique zombies.  I would have liked to have tackled 5 different companies to represent as well, but I only had 3 different lines on hand, so that is all I can do.   This week we have a single Victory Force zombie.  He's nothing special, just one of their randoms from the 50 for $50 sale they used to have.  The reason I picked him was that I found him based and primed but forgotten on the floor all by himself.  So here he is in all his glory.

So like I said, there's nothing spectacular about this miniature.  Like most of the VF zombies his arms are sculpt right to the body, so the lack some of the dynamic pose look that other companies like Studio Miniature have.  But for rounding out the horde he does his job just fine, and the price was certainly right.
The paintjob was very basic, following the Foundry 3 paint system.  The highlights didn't show up as great as I'd like, but for a quick job I am satisfied.   With a lot of the Studio Miniatures zombies I have on my table, they are so full of detail that I try to use blood and gore sparingly, usually just filling in sculpted wounds.   The VF zeds aren't quite so detailed, so I decided to take this moment to create a very bloody zombie, drenching his torso.  I like the effect, as it was a nice change to the way I had been doing things.

Comments are always appreciated, and I hope to have another zed to post Wednesday or Thursday.