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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Infecting Havensburgh 25 (Studio Miniatures Plastics)

Man, it took me a while to get this guys up, especially considering they are not all that well done.  But anyway, here they are.  I was part of the Studio Miniatures Plastic Indigogo campaign last year, and so I have a ton of these guys to go through.  This was my first set, and I knew immediately what I was going to do: make undead criminals.  It's a good niche that hasn't really been filled on the market, and something that could fit into many ATZ scenarios.    My regret is that I wasn't consistent on whether the uniforms should be long or short sleeved.   I'll have to live with that mistak. I started with 7, but I can easily add more.

Anyway, there's not much to add, but here they are!


  1. OMG What a great idea! I have to do that with some, too!

    As for short - long sleeved uniforms...I am sure they could just roll up their sleves! Or cut them...you know...if he could kill a man, he could cut a sleeve :P

    Again, great idea! Saves me thinking about the colors I should use!

  2. Nice to see some of the Studio zombies painted up I haven't seen many since the kickstarter figs got sent out. Its a great Idea to do some convicts I'd be tempted to some chain gangs all chained together

  3. They do look the part, I'd often wondered about a zombie "chain gang" too, with their striped prison clothes.

  4. Well done sir. Orange with black stripes works as well... I might have to do some of those.

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